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Although the profit of Amazon FBA is high, the China to Amazon FBA cost is also high, which is not unusual for the adjustment of fees and rate increases.

However, as a seller, no matter how the fees charged by Amazon FBA Center are adjusted, we must be clear about the details of the fees, so as to better determine the product price and ensure product profits.

Accounting of China to Amazon FBA cost

The accounting of China to Amazon FBA cost refers to the allocation and collection of various costs in the process of production and operation according to certain objects to calculate the total cost and unit cost. The accounting of China to Amazon FBA cost is usually based on accounting and is calculated in monetary terms.

The China to Amazon FBA cost is mainly generated by the product’s own cost, domestic logistics cost, initial freight to Amazon warehouse, storage cost, platform commission, return and PPC advertising fee.

China to Amazon FBA cost

Then we must make a detailed budget before we start to spend money and spend every penny on the right place, not only considering the upfront cost of purchasing products, but also considering the overhead of selling products on Amazon.

First of all, we have to choose the appropriate product category, which determines the seller must pay the Amazon recommendation fee; Secondly, we should negotiate with the logistics provider. If the seller sends a large amount of parcels, we can negotiate with the logistics provider to get a greater discount.

PPC advertising costs should also be held in check. PPC advertising is easy to get started, but difficult to master. To do a good job in PPC advertising not only requires the seller to have logical thinking ability and data analysis ability, but also needs to spend a lot of time and money to accumulate experience.

One of the most important points is to choose a cost-effective logistics company. We can find many freight forwarders in the market that can provide us with Amazon FBA.

In the process of understanding, we will find that their quotation is different, although sometimes it is only a few dollars in the difference, but if it is a long-term regular delivery, the cost difference will be relatively large. To understand the difference in the price of different logistics, know the reason for the difference, can let us match a better choice.

China to Amazon FBA cost

The optimization of Amazon’s FBA logistics channel is directly related to the China to Amazon FBA cost and selling price regulation . I believe that we have encountered such problems in the competition of the same product. In the past, we basically competed at the same selling price, but suddenly one day, other sellers significantly reduced the selling price and did not raise the price for a long period of time.

If there is not a big price gap among suppliers, there is only one reason for other sellers to significantly reduce their selling prices, and that is to optimize the logistics channel.

We can consider Xiongda International Logistics. Our company focuses on customs clearance and delivery service to Amazon FBA logistics. Marine special line, Matson Clipper from Shanghai to Long Beach port only 11 days, 15-18 days delivery to the entire United States to provide you with one-stop service, to help you save logistics costs, save the China to Amazon FBA cost.


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