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China shipping services to USA

Sea freight is known to be the most cost-effective method of shipping from China to the US, and it tends to offer a lot of flexibility when shipping various types of products.
This is especially true for buyers shipping large volumes.

China shipping services to USA provides two types of FCL:

Full Container Load (FCL)
20 feet, internal volume 33 cubic meters.
40 feet, can hold up to 66 cubic meters.

China shipping services to USA

This solution ensures a safe and secure shipping process as your container is sealed from the point of origin to the final destination address. Only your shipment is shipped in one container, which helps reduce the chance of damage, loss or even misplacement.

Less than container load (LCL)
For smaller volumes, this option is more cost-effective, as part of the container will be used to transport your goods.
This solution allows you to significantly rationalize shipping costs. Your goods are packed in containers with other customers’ goods, and you end up paying only for the space you need.

Your shipping agent needs to do more work as they have to consolidate the shipment before shipping.
Once the product arrives at your port in the US, the shipment is broken down so that each product reaches its rightful owner.
LCL is recommended for volumes between 0-15 CBM. However, it may vary depending on the port of departure. Please contact us for more information.

Factors Affecting the Efficiency of China shipping services to USA

Chinese, American holidays can have a significant impact on prices and schedules due to their impact on logistics.

Due to long holidays during major Chinese festivals, shipments are usually fully booked a few days in advance.

China shipping services to USA

Shipping costs have increased due to high demand.

We have found it best to arrange your deliveries as far in advance as possible during Chinese New Year. If you don’t, you will have to live with long delivery delays.
Therefore, we provide you with this knowledge based on our extensive experience in controlling the time of China shipping services to USA to help you understand the fundamentals of this market.

Fuel price fluctuations
Changes in fuel prices are an important factor that can adversely affect the China shipping services to USA, as increases in fuel prices tend to increase operating costs for companies in the industry.

In this case, the shipping line increases the freight rate, and the same applies when the price drops. Operating costs are reduced, resulting in lower ocean freight from China to USA costs.

China shipping services to USA
Shipping from China to FBA

Freight forwarder that provides China shipping services to USA

Hiring a freight forwarder is highly recommended for all bulk shipments from China to the US, even if your shipment is small.

A good freight forwarder will guide you through your first shipment to avoid common pitfalls and find you the cheapest way to ship your package.

There are also many forms that need to be signed for ocean freight services from China to the United States, and a good freight forwarder can help you fill them out correctly.

They are also very familiar with the packaging and labeling requirements for the product to pass safely through your country’s customs.

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