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China shipping company are increasingly demanding faster, more stable, and more cost-effective shipping to the USA. Especially the quantity of goods that big seller ships every time will be more, if send air freight every time, fast is fast, nevertheless, logistics cost is too high. Then the demand for the clipper is becoming more and more obvious. Then the demand for the fast ship is becoming more and more obvious. The fast ship is very cost-effective compared with air freight. The speed is slightly slower than the air freight, and the price is 1/4 to 1/3 of the air freight.


MATSON was formerly a munitions shipowner, whose cargo ships were converted from munitions ships into freighters. Its speed was the fastest in the Pacific, and MATSON Clipper had its exclusive port. There is no port cancellation, so basically, the container can be picked up the next day after arriving at the port.

Matson trucks deliver 15-23 days

Since it entered China shipping company in 2005 to open up the Pacific Ocean shipping route, it has docking points in Xiamen, Ningbo, and Shanghai, and stops at each point for one day for loading. Finally, it starts from Shanghai and goes directly to The Port of Long Beach in Los Angeles, and takes 8-10 working days to pick up the goods. And the punctuality rate is very high, is the best choice of east China clipper.

China shipping company
China shipping company


ZIM, an Israeli shipping company, is one of the top ten shipping companies in the world, with strong strength and a global shipping network all over the world. In 1998, ZIM set up a branch in China, with more than 30 branches and representative offices in the China shipping company.

ZIM is Shenzhen docking Bachan Bay, Yantian port departure. Pacific West route is to ship to the Port of Los Angeles; The Atlantic East line calls at New York port after departure.

ZIM directly delivers 28 FBA warehouses throughout the country with stable speed

ZIM launched the express ship service in China at the end of June 2020. It will ship directly from Yantian Port in Shenzhen to Los Angeles port. The time limit after shipment is 9-11 working days. A few months since the time of the airline is very stable, from the amazon seller at the beginning of the doubt to the present affirmation, but also laid the star clipper in the position of the clipper line.

Since October has been a continuous explosion of the warehouse, hard to obtain space. Its timeliness and stability are comparable to That of Matson, and it does not conflict with Matson’s regional characteristics. Amazon FBA sellers in South China can take ZIM when they need a fast ship, and ship directly from Shenzhen to Los Angeles. Very convenient, but also to solve the confusion of amazon sellers in a few years to send a fast ship to east China to go to The messen situation.

Salt Clipper

Before ZIM opened up the route, the express ship was either transferred to Shanghai or Ningbo to go to Mason Express, or the Yantian Express ship was taken by Evergreen EMC Express ship, which started from Shenzhen Yantian Port and went directly to Los Angeles port. Speed is slightly slower than the first two clippers, the price is also affordable. After the departure of Yantian Port, the aging of container lifting is 12-14 working days, about 1-2 days slower, and this speed is also very stable. If the goods are not special rush Yantian clipper is also very cost-effective.

ocean freight to USA
ocean freight to USA

ZIM is slightly more expensive and Matson is the highest of the three channels. The USA uses its trucks for the same final delivery. The delivery time of the eastern warehouses is about 20-25 days, while that of Matson is a little faster by one or two days. The three major warehouses in The West of the USAare both 15 days old. In the eyes of Amazon sellers, most of the two channels, especially star Clipper, and Shenzhen, Guangzhou is the largest city of Amazon sellers in the country, all these months to star clipper but more.

China shipping company which good, how to choose China to the USA China shipping company

In recent years, the development of China shipping company is very good, with more and more shipping companies on the map, but we have added a lot of problems in the choice of  China shipping company , then China to the USA which is China shipping company?

Understand the market

When choosing a China shipping company, it is best to do some understanding of the China shipping company first, otherwise, you can only follow the temptation of others, and may eventually choose a China shipping company that is not reliable. First of all, we need to know what are the more reliable China shipping company today, which routes each is responsible for, and what advantages each of them has when competing.

The quality of work

China to the United States by sea which is good? Why should the choice of China shipping company be cautious and cautious? This is because shipping is complex work and transporting goods is very important. If the shipping company is not qualified, it will directly affect whether the goods can be delivered safely.

Service attitude

Sea transportation is a very important way to transport goods, but there will be a lot of problems in the process of sea transportation, so it is very important to choose a good service attitude of the China shipping company, to ensure the immediate solution of the problem.

china to amazon fba
china to amazon fba

There are many China shipping company to USA including Fast ships and slow ships. The fast ship includes Matson, ZIM, EMC, EXX, etc., but Matson is the most cost-effective shipping channel.

What are Matson’s advantages?

Matson ships own its terminals in the USA and will prioritize its business needs and not be affected by unexpected events. For example, From December 2014 To May 2015, the great strike of dockers In The USA And Spain caused port congestion and had little impact On Matson. At that time, Matson steamship was almost the only ship that could dock and unload normally in THE USA. One reason was That Matson steamship had its terminals in The USA, unlike other shipping companies that used public terminals and were subject to accidents.

Matson’s ships are mostly full, so there is no need to co-deck, and the benefits of not co-deck are obvious.

No matter the operating efficiency or cost, The Beautiful son Clipper has a unique advantage. Matson’s ships operate independently, and ship movements are dictated by a single command center. Domestic terminals in the United States make it easy to communicate with ships. Because the ship depends on the weather to eat, there are a lot of uncertainties and a lot of things that need to be timely decision response.

For Matson’s ships, the wharf needs to contact Matson’s family instead of coordinating with other shipping companies. Besides, media ships are all owned ships, and the crew members are American employees of Matson, so it is very easy to communicate with them. Matson’s customers also feel convenient, getting on Matson’s boat, Using Matson’s boxes, unloading At Matson’s dock, and Using Matson’s free chassis car (which other companies charge for) are all certain, rather than being unclear once they are off the order.

China shipping company
China shipping company

Matson’s route to China has a sound financial position.

In fact, by the time it moved from Spain to China, it was already very profitable. From China and back to the United States, though a return cargo, Matson’s clippers are more expensive than other carriers’ main eastbound routes. So the airline is in very good financial shape.

Because good is a virtuous circle, Matson can offer free chassis cars in Long Beach in case of weather conditions. Although fuel costs will be much higher, Matson will be able to do this to meet its customer schedule commitments. It’s a benign cycle. Because there is a good financial performance, the company’s overall financial performance good profit, and therefore can be in the market downturn, even in the case of oil price is very expensive, under the condition of the other people all to slow down, don’t slow down can travel, this is because the ship west financial performance income level is high, it also ensures that the limitation of the mason lines and will not be delayed.

In terms of specific routes, the possibility of Matson’s replication is very low.

The route of Hawaii and Guam is the domestic route of the USA, and other foreign ships cannot pick up goods there. But what can be replicated is the regression value. This is what everyone can do, and is what the shipping company must do. Customers are so diverse that sometimes it’s not clear what they want. He’s not very clear until you show him a specific product.

The shipping company must have a keen vision and unique insight to see the future needs and pain points of customers, that is, the repressed needs now, and provide the services that customers need. The advantages mentioned above can be summed up as follows: Matson Clipper has its proprietary routes, docks, good operation, and financial status, low possibility of an unexpected delay, and low price, so it is the best choice for shipping from China to the USA.

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