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How does a China shipping agent to USA work?

When shipping from China to USA .The service objects of China shipping agent to USA include consignor services, carrier services, customs services, etc.

According to the requirements of the cargo owner, recommend the best mode of transportation (sea, air, Qatar Airways, railway, etc.), plan the best transportation route (direct, transit), select the most suitable carrier (airline, shipping company, logistics company, express delivery) company).

What services does China shipping agent provide?

Each China shipping agent offers different services. However, if you are looking for the best China freight forwarders to USA, they offer all the services discussed below and more.

Pick up

Your goods will be picked up from the supplier’s warehouse and delivered to the port by a China shipping agent.

China shipping agent

Cargo inspection

In order to ensure that the goods fully meet your requirements, you can also ask the Chinese shipping agency to inspect the goods. For this, you can make your request to them.

Warehousing Services

China shipping agent to USA also provides storage facilities. Sometimes, they will charge you some fee and put your stuff in their warehouse. Usually, this service is free.

Provide cargo insurance

What if your cargo is lost at sea? Who will pay for the damage? That’s why China shipping agent to USA will also help you insure your cargo.

Free pallet

If you get the goods from different suppliers, the agent will also provide a free palletizing service to smoothly put everything in the right place.

If you want to know more about our servcies, please check: Shipping extra services

Prepare shipping documents

Preparing shipping documents is a very important and challenging task. If the China shipping agent is professional, it is no big deal for them to prepare these documents. These documents include:
Bill of lading
commercial invoice
Certified product
Certificate of Origin
dangerous good condition etc.
Load the cargo into the container

China shipping agent

Customs clearance

In fact, forwarder agent in China are very familiar with Chinese customs and their regulations. Because they know and are used to the process, they can clear customs quickly. Thanks to their expertise, they save time throughout the process.
All processes are simplified and completed quickly and efficiently due to the experience of China Shipping Agency. This can save a lot of time.

Notice!Shipping agent scam from China to US

Super low price

Scammers know how to deal with customers. They maintain meager interest rates compared to the market, making them attractive. After all, who wouldn’t want to pay less for the same service? Companies and businesses are attracted by low interest rates and choose their services.

Withholding the bill of lading

Sometimes, they will withhold the landing bill and make you pay additional fines and fees. Once you fully trust them, you can easily be deceived by such scammers.
Always pay attention to these demands on your money, double check what’s going on with your freight forwarder, or ask your official documentation why you should pay.

China shipping agent

No port name

Knowing which port the cargo is in is important to track and keep an eye on it. If you do not mention sub-ports, there may be too many sub-ports, and there will always be a lot of goods, so you may lose the entire cargo.

Container without photo proof

Some containers have undergone a lot of wear and tear. They are reused, and after each flight, there is some physical degradation. Occasionally, the container used by the shipping agent can damage your shipment.

Therefore, it is very important to ask you to provide photo proof of the cargo in the container. If the Chinese shipping agency does not provide it, it is worth worrying about.
Force you to pay more to bribe customs officials to clear customs faster

After they complete their delay tactics, the Chinese shipping agent can come to your door and tell you that the customs agent is not prioritizing your shipment or is unwilling to clear your shipment. In this case, you are asked to bribe them.

It is very important to choose the right China shipping agent to USA, we can refer to some companies. Don’t be fooled by the low price. Xiongda International Logistics may be your right choice.


Shipping From China To The USA ,- Save Time And Money. Don’t Miss It!-Xiongda

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