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What is a China shipping agent to USA

A freight forwarder is import and export booking space, and customs clearance. Inspection, trailer agent.

The forwarding agent is to point to break the traditional management ideas, spread in the past the transportation by sea, land, air, warehousing organically unifies in together, provide to the owner than freight or freight enterprise bigger, more system processing, packing, loading and unloading, warehousing, transportation, distribution, customs clearance, commodity inspection and other integrated services, its information to track the whole process of penetration to production, processing and eliminate the links, Including logistics, business flow, capital flow, information flow, and other parts.

sea freight from China to the US
sea freight from China to the US

International freight forwarders and logistics companies

The freight forwarder is the freight forwarder, not the actual carrier of the shipping company.

 freight forwarder and logistics (third party), freight companies are essentially the same.

the freight forwarder is different from the shipping agent, the shipping agent can represent the shipping company to deal with the booking of space, signing documents, changing documents, putting containers, and other work.

the freight forwarder has the grade one and the grade two, the grade one freight forwarder has the DOLLAR invoice, the grade two does not have and must go to the national Tax Bureau to issue an invoice.

First-class forwarders can book space directly from shipping companies, but they are not necessarily qualified to do so. Many shipping companies only designate a few forwarders as the opening for space booking. So it’s not like one level is what happens. Most classes are limited to a few shipping companies with booking rights.

with the right to book the first-class freight forwarder, is not necessarily able to get a good price and service, there are many cases, booking freight forwarder instead to through his booking that freight forwarder (other level or two) to take the price and space.

freight forwarder affiliation is very normal, not to say that all affiliation is not strength, so don’t just listen to the freight forwarder is affiliated to feel bad, of course, the goods mainly value is the freight forwarder is not suitable for their freight forwarder.

China shipping agent to USA
China shipping agent to USA

 the port (such as Shanghai, Ningbo) forwarder is not necessarily a generation, more than 90% of the port forwarder is not booking space right forwarder or the second generation, so do not think that the port forwarder how well.

the main work of freight forwarding is booking space, customs clearance, transportation, and other work, not everything can do.

customs clearance is not necessarily a customs broker (company), the freight forwarder can also be reported, some freight forwarders only do customs clearance, other things he does not do!

The cargo owner must book the cargo space to the shipping company through the freight forwarder. The shipping company receives your cargo owner’s order, and ultimately it must be done through the freight forwarder.

LCL booking is not made to the shipping company, but through the forwarder company, the shipping company generally does not accept LCL, so the LCL bill of lading is generally not the shipping company bill of lading.

NVOCC and first-class freight forwarder are the same. The former is approved by the Ministry of Communications, while the latter is approved by foreign trade and economic cooperation. Shipping invoices can be issued in advance, and the latter can only be used as an agent invoice. Both accounts can be invoiced in US dollars. But if you can do both, it’s one or the other.

no ship and a generation of two brands can have a company at the same time, so it is often seen that what freight company is a generation and no ship.

the choice of freight forwarder mainly depends on his service, service is the key, of course, the price also hopes to be cheap, cheap, and fine. So whether it’s the first generation, the second generation, or no ship, it doesn’t matter if you feel the right position for your mouth. I hope you can find your favorite forwarder.

shipping containers from China to the USA
shipping containers from China to the USA

How to find a China shipping agent to USA?

In the process of product delivery, how choose a China shipping agent to  USA, choose a good China shipping agent to  USA can let you save a lot of trouble.

first observe the scale and pay attention to credibility

Scale: to see if a China shipping agent to USA is large in scale and strong in strength. Can from whether there are branches can meet the needs of customers in different regions. Generally, there are branches in the freight forwarder, wide channels, and a large number of goods, in the operation of the industry has rich experience.

Credibility: attention to their credibility, delivery people looking for forwarding company, can go to their company to visit, field trips, as the shipper, peripheral can have many similar companies, reference by reference to the experience they choose forwarder company and learn about their feelings, serious about their forwarder company selected must have very good help.

then pay attention to the contract agreement and the best transportation channels

Channels: From China to the USA, there are many logistics channels, such as sea and air, there are different routes and transportation companies, and the price is not the same. Professional China shipping agent to  USA  will work out the best channel, using the best freight prices, and reduce our logistics costs.

Contract agreement: Selection of China to the USA under the condition of the shipping agent, each shipper must pay attention to the whole of the contract agreement signed, in some cases, some small shipper probably in the international forwarding field is not very understanding, in the case of a contract did not carefully check, this is very easy to cause has a pit in the contract agreement, until the specific payment charge, And will find that the specific need to pay the cost is much higher than the freight forwarding company indicated, but because there are no established contract terms, so can only be difficult to say.

shipping agent China To USA
shipping agent China To USA

pay attention to a friendly attitude and service

Service: We will transport the goods to the China shipping agent to  USA, and we need to check and track the package with the forwarder company for receiving, transporting, arriving at the destination, and sending to the warehouse.

If one aspect is not in place, it will affect the warehousing time of the whole package.

In addition to the above aspects, we can also look at the China shipping agent if there is a dedicated channel to the USA, from a professional point of view, whether can provide a reasonable transportation price and business knowledge whether meet the requirements, can give reasonable Suggestions, cost savings, to be able to properly solve the problem, the problem when both the degree of satisfaction.

What factors should be considered when choosing a China shipping agent to  USA?

Whether the China shipping agent to USA is professional

As a freight forwarder, there are many countries to mail and export to, so it is necessary to be familiar with the routes of world geography, the location of ports, the transportation, and so on.

At present, the mode of transportation covers air transportation, shipping, railway transportation, land transportation, and other ways, and there are many logistics channels. Freight companies should be able to recommend suitable logistics channels and modes of transportation according to the characteristics of goods. Professional freight forwarding companies need to understand customs policies and be familiar with international shipping rules and policies.

fastest shipping from China to USA
fastest shipping from China to USA

China shipping agent to USA: Are there abundant logistics channels

An important factor that shippers need to consider when choosing China shipping agent to  USA  is the logistics channels of China shipping agent to USA , and shippers choose according to their business scope and target market.

If we choose shipping agent China To USA with abundant logistics channels to cooperate with us, there will be more logistics channels to choose from for shipment after that, which will improve our user experience.

China shipping agent to USA: logistics costs

Logistics is a very important link in international trade. Cross-border logistics determines whether an order can be completed. At the same time, logistics costs affect the seller’s product pricing and product profits. For sellers with long-term logistics needs, choosing preferential logistics channel cooperation can save a considerable amount of logistics costs for sellers.

The scale of China shipping agent to USA

When choosing China shipping agent to USA , it is necessary to understand the scale of logistics companies. For small companies that have just been established, the service level is not perfect, and there are few logistics channels, so the choice of logistics channels is relatively limited.

Inexperienced small companies cannot be assured of handling problems because they do not have enough experience.

Therefore, when choosing freight forwarding companies to cooperate with, shippers should choose companies with a certain scale, which are rich in logistics channels, perfect after-sales service, and experienced in international transportation. Such freight forwarding companies will be more secure and will not worry about running away or going bankrupt.

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