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What are the China freight forwarding service ?

The main business of the freight forwarding company is to provide freight intermediaries for the freight forwarding. The freight forwarding company is responsible for cooperating with the customs, the shipping company and the shipping company.

The agency company is responsible for cooperating with the customs, shipping companies and airlines, and transports the customer’s goods to overseas trade customers according to trade terms.

China freight forwarding service


The business process of China freight forwarding service?

Shipping from China to USA steps:

The first step: accept customer consultation

Sea freight/air freight inquiry: (Customers need to provide the port of departure, port of destination and cargo name, number of pieces, weight, hazard level and other cargo information).
Freight forwarders quote prices for customers based on this information.

Step 2: Receive the order

Key information to be clarified after accepting client entrustment:
1. Delivery date, number of pieces

2. Box type and box volume

3. Gross weight

4. Volume The maximum volume of each category is: (length*width*height) loadable weight; MT metricton public

5. Payment terms

Step Three: Book a Space for Your Client

Obtain the bill of lading number, voyage number, transit time, etc., and inform the customer. The customer will deliver the goods to the designated warehouse or yard according to the above storage time.

Step Four: Export Customs Declaration

1. Understand the information required for customs declaration of frequently exported goods.
①Requires commodity inspection

② Quota requirements

③A license is required

④Certificate of origin is required

⑤Trademark authorization letter and trademark name are required

Step Five: Bill of Lading Confirmation and Amendment

Step six: Ship after confirmation

What China freight forwarding service brings to you?

1. Line optimization

One of the biggest advantages of China freight forwarding service is that it has multiple international dedicated lines, not limited, from which the best cargo transportation route can be determined, while reducing the transportation time and choosing the best transportation rate.

At the same time, it is possible to book an appropriate cargo transportation space, choose the best route for timely delivery of the cargo, decide the transportation schedule according to the needs of the customer, and negotiate the affordable price with the carrier.

2. Rich experience

China freight forwarding service specialize in handling the highs and lows of international express delivery and are able to handle all procedures with maximum efficiency from start to finish.
Solve a variety of transportation issues such as port shutdowns, cargo diversions, natural disasters, customs, and more, without affecting cargo transportation.

3. On time delivery

Choosing a professional China freight forwarding service can better foresee congestion and labor conflicts from sea or air to the port, so as to take effective alternative measures to avoid it, complete the transportation with the greatest flexibility, and ensure on-time delivery.

4. Freight Tracking

With a full logistics tracking system, businesses can rely on freight forwarders to track shipments throughout the voyage and even draw up a schedule of when they plan to arrive.
This way, businesses can focus on their next deliverables, while also tracking how far the shipment is from its final destination.

5. Free storage

Many China freight forwarding service offer agile and responsive inventory management, and these forwarders can store, pack, and distribute goods in one go according to customer requirements.

China freight forwarding service

Precautions for China freight forwarding service

1. Don’t fall into the price trap

In order to improve their competitiveness, some freight forwarders will use low prices as bait to attract sellers of cross-border e-commerce.
But behind some low prices, there are a lot of additional charges, and many sellers pay higher costs than those who choose high-priced freight forwarders.

2. Perfect service process

Sellers choose freight forwarding companies instead of logistics providers because freight forwarding companies provide more services. Including overseas warehousing services, customs clearance, customs declaration and so on.
Therefore, the seller must make sure that the services provided by the freight forwarding company are comprehensive enough, which can help the seller save a lot of time and energy.

3. Know the background of the company

When choosing a freight forwarding company, you should not only consider the price factor, but also understand the timeliness, stability and logistics channels of the freight forwarding company.

When choosing a freight forwarding company, the seller can inspect the scale of the freight forwarding company, the number and professionalism of the employees, the establishment time of the freight forwarding company, and so on.
Try to choose a company that has been established for no less than 2 to 3 years, because such a company has better stability.

Ultimately, hopefully your business, research is crucial when it comes to choosing the right China freight forwarding service . Please take your time and don’t rush to make a decision.

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