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A qualified forwarder will handle everything related to your shipment. This article will give you a China freight forwarder list.

The Difference Between Freight Forwarders and NVOCCs

NVOCC can only act as a carrier and bear the responsibility of the carrier-party (limited to the NVOCC business of container LCL and consolidation), and the freight forwarder can be both a carrier and a pure agent.

  • The difference between NVOCC and international freight forwarder:
  • The businesses of the two are different;
  • The laws applicable to the two are different;
  • The rights, obligations and responsibilities of the two are different;
  • The NVOCC assumes the responsibility of the carrier, and the pure freight forwarder assumes the responsibility of the trustee;
  • The nature of the documents issued by the two is different;The NVOCC issues the NVOCC bill of lading as a document of title, and the freight forwarder is generally a freight forwarder’s transportation certificate as a transportation certificate.

China Freight Forwarder List – Trusted

Shanghai Xiongda International Logistics Co., Ltd

Shanghai Xiongda International Logistics Co., Ltd is a professional freight forwarder China to USA. Our company was formally established in 2006, through the unremitting efforts of Xiongda people, the company has developed into a comprehensive international logistics enterprise.

So far, the company’s core business covers China-US Amazon FBA logistics, China-US international air transport, China-USA international sea shipping overseas warehouses, four sectors.


China freight forwarding service

China Freight Forwarder List


UPS Express

UPS (United Parcel Service, Inc.) was founded in 1907 and headquartered in Atlanta, Georgia, USA. It is a leading logistics company in the world, providing parcel and cargo transportation, international trade facilitation, and advanced technology deployment and many other solutions designed to improve the efficiency of global business management.


China Freight Forwarder List

China Freight Forwarder List


DHL Express

DHL, a subsidiary of Deutsche Post DHL, a world-renowned postal and logistics group, mainly includes the following business units: DHL Express, DHL Global Forwarding, DHL Supply Chain and DHL eCommerce Solution.


China Freight Forwarder List

China Freight Forwarder List


Pay attention to choose a freight forwarder

Safe transportation

When choosing a freight logistics company and its freight logistics method, the first thing to consider is safety. Therefore, when choosing a freight logistics company, it is necessary to choose a freight logistics company with safe and reliable transportation.

Logistics price

Logistics prices also affect merchants’ product pricing and commodity profits, especially for merchants with long-term freight logistics needs.

Rich experience

For importers who need to transport special items or valuables, it is necessary to find a freight logistics company with rich practical experience in international transportation and master customs policies to ensure that the goods are delivered safely to the recipient.

Company Size

For newly established small companies, the service level is not very perfect, and there are not many freight logistics methods, and the freight logistics methods that can be selected are relatively limited.

China Freight Forwarder List

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