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What is the best China forwarder to USA?

Many of our customers are in the USA, so it has become a very important market. We signed contract rates with COSCO, OOCL, APL, EMC, MSK, HMM, and other operators. These relationships allow us to offer you very favorable shipping rates when shipping from China to any US port.

With Xiongda as a partner, it will be easier to ship goods from China to the USA. You need to leave the goods with us and do the rest with us. Xiongda aims to be your best China forwarder to USA. Now ask for a better offer.

Shipping from China forwarder to USA

We can offer competitive shipping prices and the best shipping solutions based on the transfer time you need to ship from China to USA ports (especially to inland ports).

Air freight from China forwarder to USA

We will choose a reasonable airline for your shipment according to your time requirements. Xiongda is the best China forwarder to USA.

China forwarder to USA
China forwarder to USA

Door-to-door shipping from China to America

Whether for personal or business needs, we can provide you with door-to-door shipping services including US customs clearance.

Shipping from China to Amazon FBA

If you are an Amazon seller in the United States and you have a lot of goods to ship from China, then finding a reliable freight forwarder partner is a must. Xiongda may be a better choice for your China forwarder to USA. We also offer free warehouse service, ask us for our best shipping rates to the FBA warehouse.

Cheap shipping from China to the US

It depends on the number of goods you ship from China to the US, if you are not in a hurry to use very small samples, you can use express like China Post or DHL, if you have more goods, please get in touch with Xiongda and you will get our best rate for shipping from China forwarder to USA.

China forwarder to USA
China forwarder to USA

How long does it take to get to America from China

10 to 30 days by the sea, depending on your port of shipment and destination. 1 to 5 days by air, depending on a direct flight. The freight depends on the number of your goods, the mode of transportation, and the time of transportation. Please consult our support team for details.

By FCL sea transportation from China to America

We have contract rates with carriers that reduce your shipping costs. If you choose FCL to ship your goods to the United States, Xiongda is your best logistics partner.

By LCL sea transportation from China to the USA

In addition to competitive shipping rates, Xiongda offers the best service at the destination port.

Additional services shipped from China to the USA.

Pickup and delivery

Pick up the goods in any city in China.

Ship to Amazon FBA

Arrange shipment to Amazon FBA for any goods you have in China.

China forwarder to USA
China forwarder to USA


We provide free storage service for your goods.

Cargo insurance

Cargo insurance will protect your goods in the USA.

Customs clearance

We handle all the paperwork and other details for you.

Inspection of loading

Ensure that goods are safely packed and loaded at your supplier’s facility.

Quick delivery

We can also handle express delivery from freight forwarder China to the USA. 

Your best China forwarder to USA

Offer competitive sea and air China forwarder to USA.

Charge competitive local fees to shippers on FOB terms to avoid their complaints.

AMS and ISF were delivered on time.

Free storage service in any city in China.

We have rich experience in transporting dangerous goods and large cargo.

Complete professional paperwork for you.

freight forwarder China
freight forwarder China

Amazon freight forwarder, how can Amazon find a reliable China forwarder to USA?

First of all, a regular forwarder should have several points:

Good cooperation also takes the initiative to sign the contract with an official seal, in duplicate, note not an agreement; Account period, signature, monthly, cycle, account for at least one; You have to have a corporate account. This is to protect the interests of both of you.

Secondly, we need to understand the background of the freight forwarder. The company has a short registration time, a dozen sizes, or even a few people, the price is very low, a map can not search the freight warehouse, and there is no obvious main line. All these need to be considered carefully.

Additional points: there are customer system, company official website, small reputation in the industry, the salesman to introduce the company’s main channel actively, if the feeling is still ok, you can take a vote to try.

Note that if there is no stable cooperation with the forwarder at the beginning of the period, it is best to ship the goods by shipment date, beware of checking the shipment date of the container card.

I think it is most important for Amazon sellers to choose a china forwarder to USA, whether it is a large (Zhuang) forwarder or a small forwarder. The selection of forwarders should be decided by referring to their shipments. Besides, I have an understanding of cross-border logistics.

For example, sea transport, air transport, express channels are you familiar with, the market price cost price about how much. How many days should sign below normal circumstances commonly receive? Are there any specific reasons that can affect the effectiveness of your request? What is the current shipping situation?

China forwarder to USA
China forwarder to USA

How many goods can you deliver in a week? If 100kg is not available in a week, I suggest you not choose a big forwarding company. People may not have the time to talk to you, especially with small problems.

FBA air freight agent, Amazon FBA air freight agent operation process

Power of attorney: the freight forwarding company shall give the consignor a blank “power of attorney”, and the consignor shall fill in the power of attorney truthfully, fax it or return it to the freight forwarding company. Consignment note should include the following NaRongLan: shipper, consignee, originating airport, destination airport, the airline/booking application, transport, declared value, the customs declaration value, insurance amount, loading and unloading projects, bills of lading documents attached, the actual gross weight, type of freight, charge weight, rate, name of goods and quantity, the shipper signature, date, etc.

Commodity inspection: Know whether the goods need inspection and assist in handling the goods that need an inspection.

Booking space: according to the consignor’s “letter of entrustment”, the forwarder shall get and fill in the booking form from the airline tonnage management department, and provide corresponding information; Name of the goods, volume, weight, number of pieces, destination, shipment time, according to the actual situation to arrange the frequency and flight.

Goods received:

A: Shipper’s delivery: The freight forwarder will fax the warehouse receipt to the shipper with all the information.

B: Freight forwarder pick up: The shipper shall provide relevant information to the freight forwarder.

Incoming goods: tally, weigh, print, review documents, receive documents, fill in waybills, receive goods, mark and label.

China forwarder to USA
China forwarder to USA

American air cargo export declaration: computer pre-entry. The computer to fill in the customs declaration needs to be affixed with the customs clearance unit’s special seal, and then the declaration and related invoices, packing list, waybill integration, and attach relevant documents as required, after the above declaration documents are filled in, the declaration by the declaration form by customs official declaration to the customs, after the customs review, The customs officers shall affix the release seal to the original waybill, the verification and cancellation of export foreign exchange collection, the export declaration form, and affix the inspection seal to the declaration form to the documents used by the consignor for a product tax refund.

Signature and seal: after the customs seal is sealed, the waybill shall be signed and sealed with the airline. The draft and cargo can only be handed over to the airline after it has been signed and confirmed.

Handover and Shipment: Document submission means delivery of the attached documents and documents held by the carrier to the airline.

The attached documents include the original invoice of the second air waybill, packing list, certificate of origin, and quality certificate. Delivery means the delivery of goods to the airline by documents. Before delivery, the goods must be pasted or tied labels, check and check, and fill in the “Cargo Delivery Sheet”. Bulk cargo and concentrated consignment cargo shall be delivered by FCL weighing. The scattered small goods should be weighed according to the bill and handed over once a year.

Flight tracking: After the cargo tracking system receives the consignor’s cargo in the whole process, it can obtain the cargo transportation status information in time and feedback it to the customer in time, to deal with the abnormal situation promptly.

Destination: customs clearance A, delivery B, notify the consignee to pick up the goods.

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