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I shared with you before that the most important thing about shipping from China to Amazon FBA is to find a good China Amazon FBA freight forwarder.

So, how to judge whether it is an excellent Chinese Amazon FBA freight forwarder?

Firstly,what is a freight forwarder?

A China freight forwarder helps businesses get their goods from their overseas manufacturer to an Amazon fulfillment center, a third-party fulfillment center, or a designated warehouse.

The China Amazon FBA freight forwarder coordinate the entire shipment process for you and as professional experts, know all the technical requirements needed to get your products through customs clearance and into Amazon.

Without a  China Amazon FBA freight forwarder, it would be nearly impossible for the average person to arrange the shipment process independently.

There are many laws and regulations involved when shipping internationally, so it’s best to let a freight forwarder manage the logistics on your behalf.

China Amazon FBA freight forwarder

A typical  China Amazon FBA freight forwarder may offer the following services:

Organizing storing and shipping logistics

Inland transportation tracking

Export documentation preparation


Negotiating freight charges

Finding storage space

Freight consolidation

Help with insurance claims

Customs clearance

Short term storage

Product inspections

China Amazon FBA freight forwarder
China Amazon FBA freight forwarder

Why hire a China Amazon FBA freight forwarder?

More convenient

As private label sellers on Amazon, we all wish the international shipping process was easier, but it doesn’t.

For large, heavy shipments that need to be shipped by sea or air, such as delays in customs clearance or damaged shipments, many problems can arise.

More safe

If you want to ensure your products arrive at Amazon fulfillment centers safely and on time, it’s best to hire a freight forwarder to manage every step of the process.

More efficient

When hiring a China Amazon FBA freight forwarder, you don’t have to do much with your shipment other than filling out some paperwork and paying for shipping. An experienced freight forwarder will ensure that your cargo reaches its final destination legally, safely and efficiently.

Freight forwarders know what to expect during the entire process of each shipment. If you try to do this yourself, you may miss critical steps that could result in your product being lost, confiscated or delayed.

China Amazon FBA freight forwarder
China Amazon FBA freight forwarder
More Professional

Once you’ve done the hard part of finding profitable products and reliable suppliers, the last thing you want to do is deal with shipping lines, government agencies, and logistics. Freight forwarders have the expertise, experience and best practices in the end-to-end shipping process.


When shipping internationally, especially by sea, a lot of problems can arise – even with China Amazon FBA freight forwarder. Make sure the shipping company you choose offers cargo insurance to give you extra protection if something goes wrong with your product in transit.

Customs clearance service

Customs clearance is probably the most important benefit of hiring a  China Amazon FBA freight forwarder. If your product is stuck at customs, this can delay the delivery of your shipment by weeks or even months.

How much does it cost to use a China Amazon FBA freight forwarder?

With so many variables involved in shipping, such as product type, weight, volume, and distance, it can be difficult to accurately estimate costs.

Generally, you will pay about $1 per kilo for ocean freight, but the final cost will vary depending on the total amount of your shipment.

Shipping costs and times have also increased during the pandemic, so make sure to ask for the latest estimates and costs when doing your research.

China Amazon FBA freight forwarder
China Amazon FBA freight forwarder

So, how to judge whether it is an excellent Chinese Amazon FBA freight forwarder?


It depends on how big a company is and how strong it is. From whether there are branches, it can meet the needs of customers in different regions. Generally, there are freight forwarders with branches in various places, with wide channels and large volume of goods, and they have rich industry experience in operation.


their credibility. When the shipper is looking for a freight forwarding company, he can visit their company and conduct an on-the-spot investigation. As a shipper, there will be many similar companies in the surrounding area.

Please refer to them to choose a freight forwarding company. experience, and carefully understand their feelings, it must be very helpful for the selection of their own freight forwarding company.


After we hand over the goods to the FBA freight forwarding company, we need to check and track the package for the subsequent receipt, transportation, delivery to the destination, and delivery into the warehouse. If a certain aspect is not in place, it will affect the warehousing time of the entire package.

In addition to the above aspects, we can also look at whether FBA freight forwarding has a dedicated line channel, for example, from the domestic to the United States, whether the timeliness and safety of the goods can be guaranteed at the same time.


From domestic to FBA warehouse, there are many logistics channels, such as sea and air, there are different routes and transportation companies, and the price is also different. Professional FBA freight forwarding companies will formulate good channels and use the best freight prices to reduce our logistics costs.

China Amazon FBA freight forwarder
China Amazon FBA freight forwarder
Contract agreement

When selecting a China Amazon FBA freight forwarder company, each consignor must pay attention to the integrity of the signed contract agreement. In some cases, some small consignors may not be very familiar with the international freight field.

In the case of the contract, there is no careful inspection, which is very easy to cause pits in the contract agreement. Until the specific payment fee, it will be found that the specific fee to be paid is much higher than the fee indicated by the freight forwarding company.

However, Since there are no established contract terms, there can only be words of suffering and words of suffering.

China Amazon FBA freight forwarder

When choosing a China Amazon FBA freight forwarder, don’t forget to ask these important points:

1.Do you have experience with Amazon?

Amazon operates a complex system, and as the world’s largest cross-border e-commerce platform, Amazon maintains strict shipping, packaging, and storage guidelines that you must follow if you are to succeed on the platform.

2.Are you responsible for customs clearance?

If a freight forwarder can do customs clearance for you, it saves you a big deal.

3.Do you provide insurance services?

Whether or not you ship and sell special products, you should confirm that your freight forwarder offers insurance. This service can give you more security. Don’t trust a freight forwarder that doesn’t offer insurance.

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