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China’s economic growth is one of the fastest in the world. It has more than 21% global market share. Therefore, sourcing cheap products from China is a common strategy of global sellers. This enables them to make more profit from sales.

Why is it cheaper to make in China?

Low labor cost

Labor costs in China are relatively low compared to developed countries, which is one of the reasons why many foreign companies choose to set up factories in China. This makes manufacturing costs in China relatively low, resulting in more competitive prices for Chinese products.

Economies of scale

China’s manufacturing industry has developed into a large-scale industry in the past few decades, and the economies of scale have been fully utilized in this industry. Large-scale production can reduce production costs and further reduce product prices.

cheap products from China

Cheap Products From China

Low cost of raw materials

China is a major producer of many commodities in the world, with abundant natural resources and cheap raw materials, which also make the manufacturing cost in China relatively low.
Strong industrial chain supporting ability

China’s manufacturing industry chain is very complete and can provide one-stop service from raw materials to finished products. At the same time, it also has a huge production base for parts and components, which reduces costs and improves efficiency for China’s manufacturing industry.

Exchange rate factor

China’s RMB exchange rate is undervalued relative to the currencies of some developed countries, which also makes the prices of Chinese products more competitive in the international market.

7 Wholesale Sites Where You Can Buy Cheap Products From China

Finding cheap products from China is the key to generating more profits.
Below is a list of some legitimate Chinese wholesale website suppliers.

Cheap stuff online
Alibaba: Wholesale
AliExpress: Wholesale & small order
Global Sources: Directory Wholesale
Made in china:Directory Wholesale
Lightinthebox: Wholesale

Steps to get cheap products from China

1.Conduct product research on the market.

2.Find Chinese suppliers online.


4.Order samples.

5.Check sample quality.

6.Order test series production.

7.Hire agent for quality control in China.


How to buy cheap products from China?

The cheapest way to import products from China depends on two factors:

Item prices and shipping charges

First, you can search for cheap suppliers in 1688, and there will definitely be some suppliers that meet your expectations; then you need to determine the MOQ and choose the stock quantity you need.
After confirming the product, you need to find a Chinese freight forwarder for your next step – shipping. It would be great if they can connect you directly with your suppliers.

cost to ship from China to USA

Shipping cost

Shipping cost is also a very important thing, it is related to the weight, value and delivery time of the goods. Therefore, you can choose the shipping method according to the weight of the goods and the delivery time.

If the weight and volume of the goods is less than 50kg, you can try to use express companies such as DHL, FedEx to ship from China, which is the cheapest way of international shipping.
If your goods weigh more than 500kg, you can send them by sea, which may be the cheapest way.

For all your needs for shipping from China to USA, please contact us today!

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