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A certificate of origin is a legal document that certifies the origin of goods. Figuratively speaking, the certificate of origin is the “passport” of the goods. The certificate of origin is a valid certificate for the trade party to hand over the goods, settle the payment for goods, settle claims, customs clearance and acceptance of the importing country, and levy tariffs.

It is an important evidence for exporting countries to enjoy quota treatment and importing countries to implement differential tariff treatment and national trade policies, conduct trade statistics, implement quantitative restrictions and control imports from specific countries, etc., so it has specific legal and economic effects.

certificate of origin
The role of certificate of origin in international trade

In international trade, certificates of origin play an important role. Sometimes, there is no way to clear customs without a certificate of origin. It is an important document for the customs to collect tariffs, and the preferential certificate of origin can enjoy specific tax reduction and exemption treatment. The role of the certificate of origin issued by the exporting country on the importing country mainly includes:

The main basis for determining the tax rate treatment (whether to grant specific preferential treatment);

Important basis for trade statistics (statistics of the country/region of origin of imported goods);

The basis for implementing foreign trade control measures such as import quantity control, anti-dumping, and anti-subsidy. (Which foreign trade control measures apply according to the country of origin);

Control the import of goods from specific countries, and determine the basis for approval or disapproval of release (specific control is carried out according to the “nationality” status of the goods);

Proof of the inherent quality of the goods or the basis for foreign exchange settlement.

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certificate of origin


Who issues the certificate of origin?

Guidelines for the issuance of certificates of origin worldwide are developed by the International Chamber of Commerce. Responsibility for issuing a CO typically depends on whether third-party authorization of the CO is required, and whether self-certification is allowed. The issuing authority can be any of the following:

Customs authority

Chamber of Commerce

Other government agencies

Certificate of Origin Application

Enterprises should apply to the customs for a certificate of origin before or when the goods are exported. The enterprise logs in to the “single window” and selects “customs certificate of origin” to declare online.

Among them, the information of both importers and exporters, transportation details, product description, applicable origin standards and other columns should be truthfully declared in accordance with the relevant provisions of the trade agreement.

After the enterprise receives the certificate approval receipt, it can print the certificate of origin with the customs seal and signature by itself. For certificates of origin that have not yet opened self-service printing, enterprises can go to the customs site to go through the issuance procedures.


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For the certificate of origin, enterprises with import and export rights can go to the customs or the CCPIT for registration and filing and apply online. If there is no registration and filing of import and export rights or do not handle it frequently, it is recommended to find an agent to handle it, and the certificate can be issued within one working day.

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