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With the development of the global trade market, China has become one of the major exporters. Many commodities in the United States are imported from China. How to shipping cargo from China to USA ?

Method to shipping cargo from China to USA

Sea freight

You can shipping cargo from China to USA in 20 ft or 40 ft containers. When using this service, you have fully rented a container and you can’t share the interior with anyone. Be aware that if your cargo is small or small and does not take up all the space in the container, some space will be wasted.

Because you pay the full cost of the container even if it is half empty. This type of container is suitable for very large goods that occupy the entire space or very sensitive goods that you do not want to share with another product.

In this method, you have a part of the container. Several products are collected from different customers and loaded in one container. In this case, you have no information or authority about other goods.

cargo from China to USA

Major U.S. ports

Los Angeles

The Port of Los Angeles, also known as the Port of America, is approximately 32 kilometers from downtown Los Angeles. The port accounts for 20% of all cargo entering the country. The port’s largest trading partners are mainland China and Hong Kong.

We know how important this port is for shipping your products to the United States, which is why we can arrange frequent departures from anywhere in China to the Port of Los Angeles.

Long beach

Long Beach is the second largest port in the United States, after the adjacent Port of Los Angeles. Together, these two ports are a very important gateway for goods from all over the world to arrive in the country. The port’s main trading partners are also Asian countries.

Air transport

Time is the most important element in our lives. Likewise, companies seek to meet their needs as quickly as possible. When ships, trucks and railways cannot provide fast and cheap long-distance freight services, the use of aircraft for freight forwarding may be the most suitable solution.

cargo from China to USA

Major U.S. airports


Memphis International Airport is the largest hub in the country. Ensure daily traffic from China. The airport has been the largest cargo airport in the world for many years. It is now the second largest city after Hong Kong.


Anchorage is another important air cargo hub, located in Alaska. It is the fourth largest cargo airport in the world after Hong Kong, Memphis and Shanghai. .
Also, we make sure to ship regularly to any other part of the country like Louisville, Los Angeles, Miami, New York, Atlanta, etc.

Once your package arrives in the U.S., our work is still not done, in case you need door-to-door service. At this point, we can rely on our strong U.S. network to ensure timely and hassle-free shipping cargo from China to USA (your warehouse, customer’s facility, etc.).

Time for shipping cargo from China to USA

Sea freight

Shipping cargo from China to USA by sea freight takes about 20-40 days. This transit time is not only due to upfront preparations, but also because shipping lines are now moving slower in order to be able to save on fuel costs.

cargo from China to USA

Air transport

Shipping from China to USA by air freight usually takes 8-10 days. The entire shipping process consists of several mandatory steps:
Make deals with airlines
Book a space for you
pick up
storage before shipping
customs clearance

Cost for shipping cargo from China to USA

Sea shipping

When shipping cargo from China to USA , various costs must be considered. Make sure you understand every step of the logistics process in order to understand your ocean freight quote.

Some of the main costs that come with it:
Origin delivery to POL (Port of Loading)
Customs Clearance (Export)
freight rate
Import customs clearance
customs duties (if any)
Delivery to the agreed final location

cargo from China to USA

Air transport

The rates of shipping cargo from China to USA are calculated based on weight and volume. Here you need to measure the volume weight and gross weight of the product first. To calculate gross weight, place the product on the scale. We also use the following formula to calculate volumetric weight: (length x weight x height) or 167.

Then the biggest number is your shipping billable weight. But that’s not the end of the story. There are many other factors that can affect your costs, such as:

Cargo Insurance
Fuel Surcharge
freight class
Duties and Taxes
Pickup and Delivery

What is the best way to shipping cargo from China to USA ?

Sea freight

If the following conditions are met, ocean shipping will be your best choice:
Your suppliers are located near major ports in China
Your shipment is greater than 2 CBM
You are not in a hurry to receive the cargo from China to USA .

Air transport

Air freight will be the most efficient solution if the following conditions are met:
Your cargo is less than 2 CBM and 200 kg
You are in a hurry to receive/send the goods

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