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Best Things to Sell on Amazon Trending

1. Electronic products

The rapid development of science and technology has boosted the diversity of products and the development of refined categories. The personalization and intelligence of products and whether one thing can be used for multiple purposes have become the focus of consumers’ attention.

Electronic products make people’s lives more convenient and enhance the potential of online shopping experience, including voice search, AI/AR/VR technology application, shopping chat

Hot Electronics: Control Connectivity, Smart Lighting, Smart Security, Home Entertainment, Energy Management, and Smart Devices.

Best Things to Sell on Amazon

Best Things to Sell on Amazon

2. Household items

People value physical and mental health, sustainable and green consumption, and demand for personalized, intelligent, and multi-functional products. Under the influence of these four major trends, the consumption habits and needs of American consumers are also changing.

The demand for furniture, home decoration and other products has increased, including background boards, tables and chairs, home decoration, etc.;
The growing emphasis on safe socializing has led to an increase in demand for yard party decorations and other yard supplies. Consumers who are keen on customization and personalization start DIY, such as painting walls by themselves to change their mood.

Household Goods Category:
The demand for camping products, including tents, camping tables and chairs, and sleeping bags, is becoming more and more obvious.

With the intensification of global warming, American consumers attach great importance to environmental protection, and they are more inclined to environmentally friendly products and fans in the choice of refrigeration equipment.

At the same time, consumers are also beginning to practice green home and environmentally friendly travel.
With the consumption of pets, the demand for cat and dog supplies is increasing, and feeding products are selling well, such as pet feeders with cameras and infrared play functions.

Best Things to Sell on Amazon

Best Things to Sell on Amazon

3. Toys

According to statistics from the National Bureau of Statistics, from 2021 to 2022, toys and DIY will become the second most popular retail category in global e-commerce sales, with a scale of US$590 billion;

Baby and gift toys belong to the long-term demand. In addition to the value, fun and interactive baby toys
Stronger attractiveness China is already the world’s largest toy producer and exporter, and 88% of imported toys in the US market come from China.

Best Things to Sell on Amazon

Best Things to Sell on Amazon

4. Beauty and cosmetics and personal care and health categories

Beauty and personal care are hot topics on social media, with hair styling in particular. In order to look better on the live broadcast, the attention on topics such as skin care, eyelashes, and nail art is also on the rise.

Hot Products: Eye Massage Stick, Neck Massage Stick, SPA Massage Bed, etc.

5. Fashion category

Clothes made of recycled and recyclable materials are popular with consumers, such as: women’s underwear, home clothes, etc.;

Consumers have stricter product quality requirements for children’s clothing, mother and baby products, and higher demand for environmentally friendly materials. Brands with environmental protection concepts will be given priority.

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Best Things to Sell on Amazon

6.Office Supplies

Distance learning and working boosted sales in the category, with stationery and office paper starting to regain momentum. Also growing are storage products (hard drives, tape, etc.), as well as arts and crafts products.

Best Things to Sell on Amazon

Best Things to Sell on Amazon


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