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Many importers in China like to ask which is the best shipping from China? Maybe you will know after reading this article today.

Shipping method:by express, air, sea.

Best Shipping From China

Express delivery

For most importers who are just starting out, working with a courier will be the best shipping from China. The courier companies that are widely used in China are DHL, UPS and FedEx. TNT is popular in Europe, but not as popular as others in China.

The great thing about express delivery is that the delivery is fast and reliable, and when something goes wrong, having a tracking number can help. And can transport your goods to the destination within 3-5 days. But the price is more expensive, not suitable for bulk goods.


Best Shipping From China


Air transport

If you are purchasing more than 500kg in China at one time, then air freight may be the best shipping from China. The cost of air freight from China to the US will be significantly lower than express delivery.

Although air freight is suitable for not too heavy goods, it has a very considerable time limit and stricter control of safety. The transit time varies according to the airline’s schedule, but is generally between 2 and 10 days.

When the cargo arrives at the destination airport, additional work is involved. You have to handle the documentation and customs clearance yourself (unlike courier), maybe this is very difficult for a new importer, but you can choose to hire a freight forwarder company that can clear customs for you.

Generally, this kind of freight company can provide you with a one-stop service, directly from your supplier to your destination, we call it door-to-door transportation.


Best Shipping From China


Sea freight

Sea shipping from China to USA may take a long time, but shipping has a large carrying capacity, and the cost will be much lower than air and express. The variety of goods that can be transported is also a big advantage of sea freight. This is why it is very popular and widely used in international logistics, accounting for 90%.

Despite the long delivery time by sea, if you plan ahead and have enough time to wait, sea shipping will be the best shipping from China. Shipping from China takes about 15~35 days.
Shipping by sea is the most economical way and the best shipping from China for importers with large volumes.

If you have to ask which is the best shipping from China, then I can only say that each mode of transportation has unique benefits, you should choose according to your needs, and spend money when it is time to spend .

You need to consider the timeliness requirements of the product, the safety requirements for transportation, and the cost requirements.

Shipping costs can take up a large portion of your profits, but shipping is also the key to your success. Because you can only do business when the goods arrive, and everything is empty talk if the goods cannot arrive.

Choose the right method after considering all practical situations. To choose the best shipping from China, you must understand which factors are most important to your business.


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