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As a platform that highly protects intellectual property rights, Amazon has almost zero tolerance for infringements, ranging from products being removed from shelves to being blocked from stores.Among them, Amazon trademark infringement is the most common type.

Xiongda introduced Amazon’s trademark types, Amazon’s trademark protection, Amazon’s trademark infringement, and appeal ideas in detail. For how to register the Amazon trademark, please refer to this article.

What Is The Amazon Trademark


The brand white list means that we are ready to register a brand with a certain name and operate it as our own brand, but now I want to report to Amazon first, and let Amazon allow me to use this brand name as my brand name before completing the registration. brand to upload products.

TM mark

It means that the Trademark Office received the trademark registration application submitted by us and issued a return receipt notice to us after passing the preliminary examination. The TM mark already has a certain legal protection effect.

Then enter the publicity period, and the Trademark Office will publicize your trademark on their website. If other businesses file oppositions within this period, your trademark may be rejected.

TM mark

Amazon Trademark

R mark

Refers to the official trademark that has passed the preliminary examination and publicity period of the Trademark Office, which has a certain protective effect on the product and is a kind of protection given to intellectual property by the corresponding national trademark law.

Amazon Trademark

Amazon Trademark

Duration, Fees and Assignment of Trademarks Sale

After the trademark application is successful, there are requirements for the number of years of use. For example, in the United States, it needs to be renewed after 10 years, otherwise the trademark will become invalid. For the trademarks we register, under normal circumstances, you can apply for multiple sub-categories under a large category, and you can apply for up to 15 at a time. If you want your trademark to cover a wider range of categories, you need to pay more.

Amazon trademark infringement

Trademark infringement refers to the use of a trademark that is identical or similar to a registered trademark on the same commodity or similar commodities without the permission of the trademark registrant.

When there is a trademark infringement, how should the seller appeal?

1.After receiving the email, the seller should check the relevant infringing content as soon as possible, and conduct a self-examination of the infringing ASIN.
Secondly, after understanding the infringing content, analyze the root cause of the infringement; delete the relevant infringing information, send an email to the right holder or provide relevant authorization materials.

2.Finally, the seller can prepare appeal materials and write a letter of appeal (POA), which mainly includes three aspects: explaining the reasons clearly, providing evidence, and measures to prevent such problems from happening.

Amazon Trademark

Amazon Trademark


How to make the merch by amazon trademark protection?

Brand Registry

Amazon Brand Registry allows you to register your own brand name on the Amazon platform, helping you control the listing of your own brand products.

Have your own UPC

Make sure you have your own UPC and buy it from GS1, GS1 is the only UPC distributor approved by Amazon, although you can buy UPC from eBay or some auction sites, it is recommended not to buy it from other places than GS1.

Trademarks and Copyrights

Amazon takes copyright and trademark infringement very seriously, and has its own product copyrights and brand trademarks, which can protect you from counterfeit sellers for a long time.

Product and packaging branding

Product or packaging branding is another effective way to protect your listing, contact your manufacturer to see if he can engrave your trademarked brand name on your product or packaging.

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