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Amazon sellers need to first understand the profit margin of the product, which includes all Amazon seller fees. Many novices invested a lot of money in Amazon, and the goods sold well, but when they checked the payment at the time of settlement, they found that they had lost money.

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Amazon seller fees

Store monthly rent

After registering as a professional seller, Amazon will charge a monthly subscription fee, the monthly fee for the US site is US$39.99, the fee for Amazon UK sellers is 25 pounds, the Japanese site is 4900 yen, the Australian site is 49.95 Australian dollars, and other sites are also close to 40 US dollars.


Amazon seller fees

Amazon seller fees


Sales commission

When the product is sold on Amazon, Amazon will collect the platform share based on the actual sales price of the product, and pay a sales commission of about 8%-15% according to different categories. The applicable minimum sales commission is $0.3, and Amazon will deduct based on the applicable percentage The higher of the calculated referral fee or the applicable per-item minimum referral fee.

Shipping fees

The freight involves two Amazon delivery methods: one is FBM seller self-delivery, and the other is Amazon FBA shipping.

FBM self-delivery fee

FBM seller’s self-delivery is the seller’s direct delivery to the buyer, and the seller pays the express fee by himself.

FBA warehousing fee

FBA Amazon logistics delivery, the seller needs to send the product to the Amazon warehouse first, and then Amazon will send the product to the buyer for you. This is a delivery method that most Amazon sellers will choose.

The cost will vary according to the properties and weight of the goods, and the mode of transportation. The generally used modes of transportation include international express logistics, air freight logistics, sea freight logistics, railway transportation, and third-party freight forwarding overseas warehouses.

Different shipping methods will cost different Amazon FBA shipping fees, and this Amazon seller fees is also a cost that needs to be paid by the seller.


Amazon seller fees

Amazon seller fees


The FBA delivery model requires you to pay an FBA fee, including fees for picking, packaging, delivery, delivery, return and exchange, etc. The charging standards for different standards are different, and the fees are charged on a case-by-case basis.

For example, in the United States, the standard size of a small size does not exceed 10OZ, one is 2.5 US dollars, and the standard size of a small size 10-16OZ is 2.63 US dollars.

For more detailed FBA freight, you can consult your Amazon FBA freight forwarder.

Amazon Storage Fee

Amazon storage fees: monthly storage fees, long-term storage fees, and excess storage fees.

The monthly storage fee is charged according to cubic feet, and the charging standards are different in low season and peak season. Generally, the peak season (October-December) is three times that of the off-season (January-September). The platform generally charges the monthly storage fee of the previous month between the 7th and 15th of each month.

Return fee

In the event of a return, Amazon will charge a sales commission of 20% or $5 as a return management fee. At the same time, the return of FBM products may also need to pay the buyer’s return shipping fee.

Operational marketing expenses

Including on-site CPC advertising, platform promotion, order removal, etc., off-site promotion related costs, which vary according to different products and different operating rhythms.

  • CPC site advertising fee
  • Promotion fee
  • Removal and Disposal Fees


Amazon seller fees

Amazon seller fees


Other miscellaneous expenses

Additional fees from gift wrapping fees, liquidation, unplanned pre-processing service fees, VINE programs, transparency programs, etc.

News: Amazon Reopen Seller Fulfilled Prime (SFP) Program

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