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Amazon Selection-Patio category

Advice to sellers

Amazon Selection for Patio category will sometimes see homogenization is more obvious, so be sure to highlight the characteristics of their own products.

The first stage of measuring the selection of suppliers to be careful, for example, to see if the supplier has export experience, not necessarily to big brands OEM, but must have overseas OEM experience;

For the mold, the new online sellers can consider using the public mold first, and then according to consumer feedback to do private mold adjustments to solve consumer pain points.

Because the cost of opening the mold is sometimes higher, it is more suitable for sellers who already have some experience.

You can match products on line according to different sales strategies, such as online and offline selection complementary, evergreen models selection and complementary sales, etc. For the latest trends overseas, you can also look up the parameters of the local large retailers selection criteria for reference.

Sales nodes should be controlled. Layout must be in advance, shipping more in advance. Generally Christmas products in June and July to start making new links, summer products before the New Year to start preparing.Amazon Selection

Amazon Selection

Amazon Selection

In addition, the details page picture must pay attention to! Pictures do a good job will also directly affect sales, auxiliary pictures are best accompanied by scenes.

Generally will use overseas subsidiaries or in a third-party warehouse to prepare a part of the inventory. The peak season for the sale of garden with power tools is March-August, the products have to be shipped, so 2-3 months in advance to stock, so that the peak season first. Set aside some preparation time, the peak season to burst, we recommend choosing FBA shipping.

Operation tips

Garden category industry belt information: garden category industry belt is mainly concentrated in Guangzhou, Dongguan in South China, Ningbo, Taizhou, Yongkang, Anji in East China, Qingdao in North China, etc..

The strong categories of each local patio industry belt and different, for example, Taizhou Linhai mainly to outdoor umbrellas, Anji mainly to outdoor chairs, Ningbo mainly to outdoor rattan sofas and outdoor power / hand tools.

Before the products hit the shelves, compliance certification is indispensable.

  • Energy efficiency regulatory requirements: CEC(LED only)-US.
  • Safety-related certifications: UL/CSA/ETL-US; CE-EU; PES-JP.
  • General toxic and hazardous substance requirements: ROHS/CA 65/REACH-US/EU.
  • Rechargeable batteries: Exemption sheet is required for hazardous material audit.

Amazon Selection

Amazon Selection

For more information on compliance with the outdoor patio category, please consult a professional organization, or the compliance instructions on each site (restricted goods, product safety, Amazon Logistics hazardous materials, etc.), please refer to the website address:

Product details page

Some patio products such as outdoor furniture, patio tools that need to be assembled, you can add video instructions to the product detail page, not only to reduce the workload after the sale, but also to avoid customer complaints caused by the lack of proper installation;

You can log in to [seller platform] to check the “style guide” and find the content of the home and patio-related page description guide, the link is

Stocking Guide

Seasonal products, such as summer pools, outdoor furniture (April-August), winter plant grow lights and fill lights (December-February), etc., need to grasp the timing of their respective peak sales season, it is recommended that shipping and storage time set aside about 2 months, so as to be on the shelves before the peak season, and do not miss the sales season.Amazon Selection

Logistics and storage requirements

Considering the size of the product and logistics cost differences, some yard products can also choose the seller self-delivery (MFN) or overseas warehouse form for delivery, such as the choice of self-delivery please note that the performance score of self-delivery needs to meet the standard.

Amazon Selection

Amazon Selection

If you want to know more about Amazon shipping, please consult Amazon freight forwarder.
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