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Seasonal products are items that are distinctly seasonal in their sales. Amazon seasonal products list: for example, small fans, short sleeves in summer, electric heaters, down jackets in winter.

Like these products, once the season is over, the demand decreases, which can easily lead to oversupply and inventory accumulation. But the demand for this product is very high and sales are substantial.

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Amazon seasonal products list


This season takes into account the products that the target audience may need.

Amazon seasonal products list: gardening tools; bird feeders; sun hats; spring dresses, etc.

Tips:If you’re doing a spring category, your focus should be on that, rather than being distracted from your resources and attention by small holiday products like Valentine’s Day.


Amazon seasonal products list

Amazon seasonal products list


As the temperature rises in the summer, escaping the heat is what many people are looking for, and they especially like to go to the beach for vacation, camping, and summer holidays;

Amazon seasonal products list: children’s toys, swimming peripherals, beach series and so on.

These are particularly good sales, the threshold of this category of products is particularly low, the cost is very low, which is its advantage.

Tips: But its shortcomings are also caused by this, because of its advantages, so do people will be very much, resulting in everyone divided into a single volume will not be much, may cause all the people all the price reduction, so many people will think of engaging in malicious competitors to enhance their own a single volume.

In fact, for summer products, it is recommended that we can do some relatively high threshold, such as outdoor home sports that type of threshold is high, will filter out a lot of sellers, divided into the traffic will be relatively good, and the possibility of malicious competition will be reduced a lot.


Amazon seasonal products list



Fall is a great time of year, with a big difference in temperature, and fall is the start of a new school year as well as soccer games.

School season products can be sold throughout the year, but in the fall will burst single, so if the seller is targeted to do the school season products, do not need to be too anxious, can be in the spring of this year can be laid out to promote, to the fall of the time to harvest a wave, and then return to the calm, which means that your products can be normal to promote.

Fall in addition to the school season and Halloween, Halloween is between the fall and winter, Halloween products as much as possible, we can choose some of the self-traffic, the traditional sense is particularly good sales.

Amazon seasonal products list: the Grim Reaper, pumpkins, bats, spiders and other peripheral products.


Amazon seasonal products list

Amazon seasonal products list


Tips:Don’t pick the kind of products that are particularly cold, there is a possibility that they will sell particularly well, and there is a possibility that they will not sell a single one.


This season preferred products that can keep warm or wonderful holiday gifts, Christmas peripheral are particularly good sellers.

Tips:But the pit lies in the fact that some products have a particularly high return rate, such as adult clothing, sellers must pay attention to.

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