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As an Amazon FBA seller, when you see a return request, there will definitely be some feelings of sadness. Because part of the reason is that customers are not satisfied with your product. Then you should be familiar with Amazon refund policy.

Exchange and return conditions of FBA Amazon refund policy: 

  1. Items requested for return must be in brand new condition.
  2. To apply for a replacement, the seller needs to have the same item in the inventory.
  3. All returned products must belong to the returnable category.Amazon Refund Policy

Amazon Refund Policy


How the FBA Amazon refund policy works

  1. The customer applies for a return or exchange through the online return center or customer service.
  2. If the customer requests a replacement item, Amazon will ship it directly from the seller’s inventory and ask the customer to send the original item to the return center. If the customer does not return it, or the original item is damaged upon return, Amazon will refund the seller according to the FBA customer returns policy.

What happens if the customer doesn’t return the product?

If the customer does not return the product to an Amazon fulfillment center within 45 days of initial receipt of the product, Amazon will credit the customer, if the customer has been refunded, and will refund the seller.

Typically, Amazon will automatically refund you after 45 days. In rare cases, you must open a support case to receive reimbursement.


Amazon account locked

Amazon Refund Policy


How to reduce the return rate of FBA sellers from the root?

Have a clear return policy

Specify the return policy in detail, such as the time frame for the seller to return the product, the requirements for the returned product, etc., and clearly require the buyer to know before purchasing. If they propose a return that does not meet the requirements, they can directly reject it here.

Create a high-quality listing page

Provide more accurate product information, make the introduction more in line with the product itself, do not exaggerate the facts, and ensure that the product meets any requirements or promises of the product introduction listing, and can even exceed the buyer’s expectations.

Improve product reference standards

Products sold under the same brand and category have different characteristics, such as color, size, shape, size, and accessory options, etc., so sellers need to provide consumers with guidelines or charts that may be referred to in various aspects. Allowing consumers to prepare before buying helps them choose the right and correct product and reduces the possibility of returns.

Under normal circumstances, Amazon will deduct 20% of the commission and return 80% of the commission to the seller, whether it is a partial refund or a full refund. So you need to properly handle the issue of return and refund!


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Amazon Refund Policy


As an Amazon FBA freight forwarder company, we are very familiar with Amazon’s relevant regulations. If you need a freight forwarder China to USA , contact us now!

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