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In the U.S. market, sales of outdoor sports products on Amazon continue to grow.In this article, we will introduce the Amazon products selection guide – Outdoor Sports category from the aspects of product categories, features and target audience, and highlight their selling points and provide specific buying suggestions.

Amazon Products Selection Guide-Operation Tips

Notes on sports and outdoor products

Consumers are concerned about the functionality of the product, for example.
Materials that are lightweight, high-strength, flexible, breathable and able to achieve quick-drying effects during activity;

Ergonomic design that allows for free movement and effective impact resistance;

Considering the uncertainty and variability of sports and outdoor activity scenarios (such as in case of rain and snow), it is better for the product to have cold-proof and warm, anti-slip, waterproof and durable characteristics.

When creating the product details page, the size of the product, accessories, installation tutorials need to be as detailed as possible, so as not to cause unnecessary customer complaints.

Special reminder: for ball apparel and its surroundings to pay special attention not to infringe.

Sensitive category notes: Since some of the sports and outdoor categories belong to sensitive categories (such as hunting), it is recommended that sellers carefully understand Amazon’s sales policies for related products and respect the domestic sales regulations in China and the United States before launching new products. Sellers can log in to Amazon Seller Central and search for “Sales Policy” for more information.Amazon Products Selection Guide-Outdoor Sports Category

Product Products Selection Guide

Bicycles and Accessories

Consumers are concerned about the size, material and durability of bicycle accessories.Amazon Products Selection Guide

Analysis Summary

Some consumers with sports needs under the influence of the epidemic will also choose to buy products that are convenient for exercising at home, so the market demand is relatively large for both corporate and individual consumers.

Sellers should focus more on materials and product design, and durability and safety are recommended to be tested by certified laboratories to avoid subsequent customer complaints due to product quality issues.

Amazon Products Selection Guide

Amazon Products Selection Guide

Outdoor kitchenware

Consumers are concerned about whether the product is easy to assemble and clean, the material of the stove body and grill net, whether the charcoal tray is temperature control, whether it can be folded with hooks, how many people can eat, whether it is convenient to carry, fire and heat resistant, easy to clean, and light weight.

Analysis Summary

For sellers of outdoor barbecue equipment, they should try to provide detailed installation instructions, free baking sticks, edible grill net, clear temperature control of the charcoal stove, safety instructions, etc.

The demand for outings in summer and autumn is stronger, and outdoor trips and hiking excursions are gradually becoming popular scenes. The importance of durability of outdoor products is more important than beauty and refinement, especially in the choice of materials for research and development.

Detailed features such as non-slip handles, self-hooks, etc., can make the product’s practicality greatly improved.

In details page,combination of pictures showing the multifunctional application of the product in real life can help consumers quickly understand the characteristics of the product and speed up the purchase decision;

Products that are light in weight and small in size will have a wider range of application groups.

Amazon Products Selection Guide

Amazon Products Selection Guide

Outdoor apparel

Consumers are concerned about the multi-functionality and durability of apparel.

Analysis Summary

U.S. consumers tend to dry cotton fabrics, which is because U.S. consumers pay more attention to the comfort, fit and breathability of outdoor sportswear.

Amazon Products Selection Guide

Amazon Products Selection Guide

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