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To create a pop Amazon products, Listing display is a necessary condition, no good products, to create a pop is just an empty talk, in the Listing details of the various elements, Amazon product title is the most weighted one.

The perfect Amazon product title = product keywords + beauty modifier

According to the operation of the experience summed up, I think a perfect Amazon product title must include two core elements: product keywords + aesthetic modifiers.


perfect Amazon product title


Undoubtedly, in a Listing, the role of product keywords is to make the product appear in the search results page, displayed in front of potential consumers (consumers searching for the term), if a Listing title lack of keywords, or keywords are not accurate, either miss the potential users, or because the import traffic is not accurate and lead to a low conversion rate, over time, affecting The same is not good news if the listing’s weight and ranking are not accurate.

Amazon product title keywords

However, in terms of product keyword settings, different sellers will also have different problems. Generally speaking, product keywords are divided into three categories: broad keywords (also called big words), precise keywords (core keywords) and long-tail keywords.

Broad keywords cover a wide range, but for the target user group is not precise, sometimes bringing some less relevant traffic, precise keywords point to precision, you can accurately get and their products match the same part of the customer base;

Long-tail keywords are further narrowing the pointing range on the basis of precise keywords, in this sense, long-tail words are precise words, but the difference is that long-tail keywords point to a smaller group, which is the target group of customers after segmentation.

Multiple keywords

A product may have more than one core keyword, then, the seller should set the product title before the multiple core keywords are listed, and then combined with the sentence meaning and context in the title, they are placed in different positions, so as to achieve the purpose of a title contains multiple core keywords.


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Optimize Amazon product title – examples

What kind of words can play a dual role of beauty and evocation?

Fashion seems to be the same.

But what if it’s Premium? What if it’s Upgrade? Try to read it, try to think inside the scenario, you can feel the strong emotional color that such words can bring to the consumer, even in the consumer’s heart planted the anchor, can not forget, lingering.

Therefore, in the complete sentence forming the title, it is important to use some beautiful modifiers that resonate with consumers and their feelings.

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