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The last article gives you the first part of the guide about Amazon product selection, this article is the second part.
Continue to introduce you to the end of the key guide about electronic product selection.

Amazon product selection-electronic


Consumers are concerned about the portability and comfort of the headset, size, weight, applicable people, applicable environment, audio connectivity, sound transmission and noise reduction technology, sound quality volume (surround sound / stereo / mix / multi-channel / subwoofer), the length of battery life, the maximum length of use, charging methods and time, waterproof level and water environment, ergonomics (safety / environmental protection / anti-fatigue).

Analysis summary

Wireless Bluetooth headset began to explode sales growth in the past two years, with the increasing improvement of technology, the growth is predicted to continue;

The main difficulty of wireless Bluetooth headset is two, battery life and the tone sound quality of the headset. If you can ensure that these two points, coupled with high cost performance, it is easier to stand out in the fierce competition;

Sellers should pay attention to the branding operation of wireless Bluetooth headset products, based on high cost performance and good user experience, supplemented by a brand atmosphere that attracts users, will be able to bring stronger user stickiness when new products are introduced.Amazon product selection

Amazon product selection

Amazon product selection

Home entertainment

Consumer concerns

TV stand: stand material, weight, not easily deformed, sturdy and durable, support maximum TV load and screen size, adjustable angle and length, packing accessories list and installation instructions (adjustable hole spacing), expected installation length, applicable environment, threading method;

Electronic photo frame:high pixel, resolution parameters, large memory, strong compatibility, intelligent voice interaction, easy link to printer.

For more please refer to:

Analysis Summary

TV card application scenario for home entertainment and online class video, mainstream configuration 1080P, HDMI input, USB 3.0, comes with recording software;
Electronic photo frame category is growing rapidly, the growth space for sellers is large, small and medium-sized sellers can expand their share in the category through product features; merchants’ technical innovation and R & D capabilities are the core competitiveness, merchants can develop products that meet the compatibility needs, high resolution and can be iteratively upgraded.

Live Photography

Consumer concerns

Live streaming lights and studio sets: adaptability, whether equipped with storage equipment to facilitate mobile carry, stability, adjustment of the bracket and category, the quality of the LED light ring;
photography bracket: adsorption method, adsorption force, suitable adsorption position, easy installation, suitable for fixed equipment size and model, easy installation and removal, support for data line (interface model)/Bluetooth connection;

Background cloth: size, stability, easy to store, easy to assemble, lightweight.

Amazon product selection

Amazon product selection

Analysis Summary

Direct broadcast lights as well as studio sets in the consumer electronics accessories products perform brightly, with strong sales growth in the past three years. Users are mainly used to shoot video, selfie live, remote office, etc.. Consumers do not have strong brand stickiness.

Sellers can use A+ pages as well as brand flagship stores for traffic attraction and conversion;

Selfie sticks, photography stands and other related products are mainly used for live selfie shooting, working at home, remote parties and mobile cinema. Sellers need to understand the popular mainstream cell phone models in the market to facilitate matching with them.

Smart Wearing

Consumers are concerned about the brand, shape, cost performance and smart interconnection function of the products.

Analysis Summary

Whether it is home+entertainment, home+office or home+fitness, smart wearable devices bring great convenience to consumers and their sales growth is considerable.Amazon product selection

Amazon product selection

Amazon product selection

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