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Set a perfect Amazon product listing is never a simple thing, skills are very important, I hope the following content can help you.

Perfect Amazon product listing

Amazon product listing-Product title


  1. Write some attractive titles. Make sure that once people see your product title, want to click to learn more.
  2. Add some added value to the headline, such as showing the benefits of the product or some key factors that set it apart.
  3. Add relevant target keywords to the title. Keywords have a great impact on the search ranking, to be carefully considered.

Amazon product listing

Amazon product listing-Product images

Each listing can upload a maximum of 9 pictures (including the main picture), make sure you upload a full 9 pictures.

The “perfect” picture, you can refer to the following points.

  1. The width of the picture is greater than or equal to 1000 pixels, and the height is not less than 500 pixels.
  2. Professional photographers or the acquisition of professional photography equipment can produce better quality pictures.
  3. Use a pure white background to keep the customer’s attention on the product.
  4. Show your products from different angles, you can focus on showing product details.
  5. Showing pictures of product packaging, size and dimensions is a must.
  6. Take some photos of the product in use, which helps customers to have a visual simulation feeling.
  7. Use infographics to show the main features of the product, money-back guarantee, 100% satisfaction, etc..


Amazon product images


Amazon product listing-The main functions and features of the product

Fill in the guide:

  1. Put yourself in the customer’s perspective and think about what the customer wants to know? Why should they buy your product and what are the advantages of your product?
  2. Put the most important features at the top of the list so that consumers can see them at a glance when they browse.
  3. Add customer FAQs to this section, modifying them as customer questions change.
  4. Show all the guarantees you offer your customers (such as the Amazon A-Z guarantee).
  5. Let your customers know what material the product is made of, the benefits of using this material, the problems it can solve, etc.

Amazon product listing-Product description

  1. Sentences should not be too long, keep it between 15-25 words.
  2. Discuss mainly the functions of the product and the benefits the customer will get, then discuss the product itself to convince the guest that your product is what they need.
  3. Verbal language is more reliable to the customer than rigid written language.
  4. You can use targeted keywords, but don’t blindly fill in the blanks, which can make the content difficult to understand.
  5. Try to use storytelling to let your customers understand the product.


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Amazon product listing-Product reviews

Although Amazon prohibits sellers from getting incentive reviews, but you can still get “organic” reviews by providing customers with a good customer experience.

Product rating

If your rating is 4 or 5 stars, it means you are doing a good job. But if your product rating is relatively low, you need to take action to:

  1. By sending emails, collect customer comments, understand customer ideas, and strive to solve the problem before the customer leaves a bad review on the product page.
  2. Accumulate reviews and try to get enough positive comments to balance and improve your overall rating.

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Write Best Product Listings On Amazon | The Ultimate Guide-Xiongda

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