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Amazon product description, as a supplement to Listing. It is a special description about the product, size, function, feature, differentiated selling point, shipping time, etc.

Amazon product description writing method

1. You can refer to the Amazon template to write.

Enter Bullet Point in the background search box, and the system will automatically pop up how to write it.

2. Up to 1000 characters can be written in each line.

However, it is generally recommended to limit it to 200 characters. Too long Amazon product description may look tiring, so consumers should be properly subtracted.

3. Understand consumer demand.

A good Amazon product description should start with consumers, that is, do competitive product analysis.

Taking Bluetooth headsets as an example, conduct data surveys on products with high similarity in different categories, mainly focusing on the positive and negative points of the products.

Good reviews reflect the advantages and consumer needs, while negative reviews reflect the needs and pain points that the product cannot solve.

For comprehensive data, the one with the highest voice from consumers is listed first. For example, consumers of Bluetooth products are most concerned about sound quality, so write the sound quality in the first line, and so on.

Amazon product description

4. Parameters + advantages.

For example: 20000mAh portable charger provides the iPhone 7 almost seven times, the Galaxy S6 five times or the iPad mini 4 twice.

5. Reflect the target audience.

For example, if your product is trekking poles, you can write (designed for mountaineering enthusiasts).

6. Please specify the bundled products.

7. The after-sale guarantee of the product can be stated in the last point.

The after-sales protection of products is also an issue that consumers are very concerned about, so it can be stated in the last point.

8. The first two lines can properly embed 1-2 keywords.

Considering the keyword layout, you can actually embed 1-2 keywords appropriately in the Amazon product description of the first two lines. But remember not to pile up. After all, the best way to express in words is for consumers to see, so readability is greater than searchability.

Amazon product description

For more information,you can click seller central.

Amazon product description note

1. Highlight 5 key points of product information, such as: size, warranty information, suitable age;

2. Capitalize the first letter of each Bullet Point;

3. Write in paragraphs without punctuation at the end;

4. Character requirements: within 1000 characters in a single line;

5. In a Bullet Point, phrases should be separated by semicolons;

6. Size units: such as quarts, inches, feet;

7. Do not write vague statements, describe the functions and attributes of the product as specifically as possible;

8. Do not enter the specific information of the company, the description in this part is only for the function of the product;

9. Do not include information about promotions and pricing;

10. Do not include logistics and company information. Amazon’s policy prohibits sellers from filling in information about companies, logistics, and sellers.


Amazon product description


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