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Men are increasingly concerned about their image management and the demand for men’s clothing is climbing day by day. The return rate for Amazon men’s clothing sale is nearly half as low!

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In fact, not only shirts, in the Amazon men’s clothing sale category, there are a lot of hot selling and sales of a significant increase in the breakdown of items! Without further ado, we offer you the following hot subcategories of men’s upper and lower garments:

Men’s tops

  • Shirts: casual / beach shirts, suit shirts
  • T-shirts: Henley T-shirts, polo T-shirts, round neck cotton T
  • Sweatshirts: sweatshirt hoodie, sports round neck shirt
  • Sweaters: Turtleneck pullovers, cardigans


Amazon men's clothing sale

Amazon men’s clothing sale


Men’s underwear

  • Casual pants: casual pants, work pants
  • Jeans: classic models, hole models, slim models
  • Beach pants: lanyard closed closure, large flowers, striped design
  • Sweatpants: loose-fitting, drawstring design


Amazon men’s clothing sale


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Amazon men’s clothing sale growth Rate

The top five sales segments from 2021 to 2025 are men’s pants, men’s shirts, men’s sweaters/knitwear/pullovers, men’s accessories and others, men’s sportswear and swimwear, in that order.

The top five segments in terms of compound growth rate were men’s sportswear and swimwear, men’s T-shirts, men’s accessories and other men’s clothing, men’s sleepwear and underwear, and men’s pants.

Consumer portrait of male consumption characteristics

Forty percent of male consumers do more than half of their online shopping via smartphone.

Men will only buy products that meet their immediate needs and will stop researching once they find something that meets all of their requirements, usually within 10 minutes of completing their purchase.

Men make relatively few impulse purchases, and discounts and sales are less attractive to men, with 57% of men buying their last online purchase because it was on sale.

Price is the most important factor for men to consider when shopping, followed by quality, then availability and brand. When asked about name brands, more than two-thirds of male respondents believe that name brands are more than 16% more expensive than private labels.

Amazon men’s clothing sale category Trends

Key Colors


Amazon men's clothing sale

Amazon men’s clothing sale


Popular colors and styles

  • Vibrant bright colors: All-over prints, artistic prints, including three-dimensional geometric prints, portraits of faces or figures as patterns, surrealist patterns, baroque patterns, nature floral patterns or chevrons.
  • Light Tartan:Paired with pastel colors, light tartan patterns are prominent in classic prints for spring and summer.
  • Modern camouflage:Abstract versions of classic prints with bold color schemes often have an unexpected visual effect.
  • Bold stripes:Maintaining the fresh feel of the print with wide stripes, multiple stripes and color blocks, pastel and primary colorways are highlights of spring and summer, mostly used on collar button shirts, sweatshirts and plain T-shirts.
  • Glitter: Glowing sequins are used as decoration to give menswear a “glittering” effect.
  • Zipper: Both practical and decorative, in addition to adding detail to the item, can also bring fashionable and trendy style.

Popular sportswear and accessories


focus on keeping people comfortable while sweating, with a zipper jacket or sweatshirt as a matching top; raw materials are mostly heavy cotton knit or synthetic plush fabric; sellers can consider using a jacket and vintage running shoes with a set of sportswear as a product detail page with a picture that looks more fashionable.

Jogging track pants

Pockets and new camouflage prints are the highlight of the season, suitable for matching with simple long-sleeved T-shirts and plush jackets.


These accessories add a sporty touch to everyday looks with mesh nylon padding, practical pockets and delicate buckles that can be inserted into the backpack, making it suitable for pairing with indigo jeans, ribbed sweaters or wool coats.

Practical crossbody bag

The highlight is the technical fabric and practical pockets with buckles, suitable for matching with long-sleeved T-shirts, cotton jackets and wide-legged pants.
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