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There is a wide variety of products sold on Amazon, there are hot and cold, want to become a hot seller, selection trends must be understood! What are the Amazon hot selling products in 2023? 

2023 Amazon hot selling products recommended

Household products

According to the data, 2022 as of October Amazon home category market share growth has reached 86.13%. Sofa, mattress, etc. are popular categories. Together with the rise of sweeping robots and vacuum cleaners, this category is a great target market for Chinese sellers, and with the consumer transformation of the home industry, its demand will continue to grow and the market will expand.

In recent years, the shipping price of large items in home category by sea has been downward in the ring, and the trend will continue to be so in the future, which also leads more sellers to choose overseas warehousing service. Xiongda overseas warehouse has focused on cross-border industry for many years, and can provide sellers with cost-effective landing support services with guaranteed timeliness.

Amazon hot selling products

Amazon hot selling products

Kitchen supplies

Kitchenware sales are one of the categories with great potential, and the sales growth trend of many sub-categories is very strong. Ice maker, air fryer, etc. are popular categories, are doubling the growth rate.

The use of kitchen appliances in foreign countries is also richer scenarios, and the demand for knives and cutlery is more diverse. In addition, the purchase rate of small kitchen appliances is also increasing, and their purchase and use rate will continue to grow in the future.

Amazon hot selling products

Amazon hot selling products

Fitness products

Fitness market is enduring, especially after the epidemic healthy life has become more and more people’s pursuit, more people join the ranks of fitness. This has also given rise to the development of the fitness equipment industry.

2022 North American market consumption of fitness equipment will reach 4.943 billion U.S. dollars; European market is about 3.990 billion U.S. dollars, the high penetration rate of fitness population in Europe and the United States can not be ignored. Especially China as a major exporter of fitness products, sellers should seize the opportunity.

Electronic products

Electronic products as the meat and potatoes of the industry, has been very popular. And in recent years, many markets 3C category volume in the year-on-year growth. People’s lives today have been surrounded by electronic products, including related accessories are also extremely market. In the Amazon Best of Prime report, electronics are the most purchased products by Prime members in a given year.

Amazon hot selling products

Amazon hot selling products

As a qualified Amazon seller, you need to continue to pay attention to market changes, in-depth study of the market, and make timely product and store adjustments to meet consumer demand.Amazon hot selling products.

There are a number of Amazon product research tools that you can borrow when making Amazon selections:

7 Free Amazon Product Research Tools | Seller Essentials

To learn more about Amazon sales techniques, you can click on seller central, which has more professional guidance and advice for your reference.

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