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Amazon furniture product selection is a very important thing, which is directly related to the sales and branding of your products on Amazon.
In Amazon platform, market demand, consumer preference, material, design, function, these are all factors you need to take into account. Therefore, you need to think in terms of these factors in the selection of home products.

Amazon furniture product selection -judging factor

  • Market demand is the first thing to consider when selecting products. The market for furniture products on Amazon is very large, and different groups of consumers have different needs for the products. You need to do some in-depth research and analysis of the market to understand the needs and preferences of consumers, so that your products can meet the needs of the market.
  •  Understanding consumer preferences is also an important factor. The market for furniture products on Amazon is very broad, and different consumers have different preferences for the style, color, and size of the products.
  •  The material, design, function, and environmental rating of the product are points you should never ignore. Furniture products market has a wide variety of materials, such as solid wood, metal, plastic, etc.. Different materials have different characteristics and advantages and disadvantages, the selection staff need to choose according to the characteristics of the product and market demand.
  •  At the same time, the design style of the product is very important, different design styles have different style characteristics and consumer preferences, the selection of personnel need to choose according to the characteristics of the product and market demand.


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Amazon Furniture Product Selection

Furniture category

Advice to sellers

Furniture category products because of the product volume and size of the problem of large, FBA warehousing and distribution services are relatively low utilization rate of other categories, third-party sellers in self-delivery mode also accounted for a very large proportion.Amazon Furniture Product Selection

It is recommended that furniture sellers should adjust the logistics and distribution methods in a timely manner to minimize the loss of sales due to policy changes, while protecting the seller’s account performance indicators.

First of all, we should promptly adjust the order delivery method for self-delivery, when switching to self-delivery, on the one hand, we should pay attention to check whether your seller performance indicators meet the requirements of winning the “buy button”, on the other hand, we should promptly extend the operation of the transport time settings, do a good job of self-delivery time management, reduce the order defect rate.

  •  Amazon FBA shipping: sellers deliver goods to overseas warehouses by sea, air, land or intermodal transport.
  •  Warehouse management: sellers operate overseas warehouse goods remotely through logistics information system and manage inventory in real time.
  •  Local distribution: the overseas warehouse center will distribute the goods to the customer through local post or express according to the order information.

Large furniture products choose overseas warehouse mode can also be upgraded to “overseas warehouse + Amazon Seller Fulfilled Prime (SFP)” mode, so that self-shipment products get the Prime logo, on the one hand, to reduce logistics costs, lower distribution costs to obtain a higher delivery time. On the other hand, it also solves the problem of not being able to enter the FBA warehouse, which may lose the Prime logo and miss the traffic and promotion opportunities.Amazon Furniture Product Selection

outdoors shipping to Amazon USA

Amazon Furniture Product Selection

Operation Tips

Logistics requirements/storage requirements: Because of the large size of mattresses, bed frames and other products, so the products are required to be rolled, or folded, or disassembled, in order to meet the shipping restrictions.

Problems such as wear and tear caused by shipping need to be circumvented, causing second-hand sales complaints. In addition, attention is paid to sealed packaging to ensure that the mattress is not defaced in transit, which could affect normal sales.Amazon Furniture Product Selection

If you want to know more about Amazon shipping, please consult Amazon freight forwarder.
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Amazon Furniture Product Selection

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