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The Amazon fulfillment center LGB9 is located in the desert area of California, the specific address is: 4375 N Perris Blvd, Perris, CA. Zip code: 92571

Amazon LGB9 warehouse is located in the Port of Los Angeles, USA, and is an important part of Amazon’s global logistics network.


Amazon fulfillment center LGB9


Advantages of Amazon fulfillment center LGB9

Strategic location

Located in the port of Los Angeles, the logistics and transportation are convenient, and the goods can be delivered to consumers quickly.

Huge area

The Amazon fulfillment center LGB9 has an area of up to 1 million square feet, capable of storing a large amount of goods.

High-tech equipment

Amazon has equipped LGB9 warehouses with a series of high-tech equipment, such as automated assembly lines, robots, and infrared scanners, to improve the efficiency of warehouse operations.

Strict quality control

The LGB9 warehouse implements strict quality control to ensure that the products sent out are all qualified.

Amazon fulfillment center LGB9 Operation Model

Amazon LGB9 warehouse adopts advanced information system to realize the automation and informatization of the whole process of warehousing. The specific operation mode is as follows:


After the goods arrive at the LGB9 warehouse, they will be registered through the information system, and the storage space will be automatically allocated.


Amazon fulfillment center LGB9


In-stock management

The system will conduct regular stock counts to ensure accurate stock information.


After the customer service receives the consumer’s order, the system will automatically generate an outbound order and arrange delivery.


Products returned by consumers will enter the return process, and the system will automatically allocate storage slots and process them.

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How to Optimize Amazon fulfillment center LGB9

Optimize storage space

Optimal utilization of storage space can be achieved through intelligent racking and transport equipment. For example, highly intelligent shelves can be used to adjust the height of the shelves according to the size and weight of the goods to maximize the storage capacity of the shelves.

Improve work efficiency

Robotics and intelligent algorithms can be used to improve operational efficiency. For example, robots can be used to replace manpower in the handling and loading of goods to reduce the time and error of manual work.


Amazon fulfillment center LGB9


Optimize logistics distribution

Intelligent distribution systems and recyclable packaging systems can be used to optimize logistics distribution. For example, intelligent distribution systems can be used to optimize the transportation path of goods from warehouses to customers to reduce transportation time and costs.

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