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Many cross-border e-commerce sellers on Amazon want to deliver to FBA warehouses in the United States, but many of their peers are rejected by FBA warehouses due to packaging (labeling) and other problems. To avoid the possibility of rejection of our products, Still need to know something about Amazon FBA shipping requirements: size and weight

Amazon FBA shipping requirements: size and weight

FBA states that the weight of a single carton shall not exceed 22.7kg(50 lb). This is the hard standard set by FBA based on cargo handling efficiency. A “Team Lift” label must be affixed to all sides and top of a single outer container exceeding 22.7kg (50 lb), and a “Mech Lift” label must be affixed to all sides and top of a single outer container exceeding 45.4kg (100 lb). Jewelry, watches, and other valuables should not exceed 40 pounds.

The dimensions of the outer container shall not exceed 63.5cm (25 inches) on either side;

There is no specific size for the minimum outer box of a single product. Now, the maximum box size of UPS can be used. (UPS official website: length + circumference not exceeding 419cm (165 inches), length less than 270cm (108 inches));

Pallet limit: 1.2x1x1.8m, not exceeding 1500 LBS.

However, Amazon FBA sea shipping,the requirements of each region are different.

Amazon FBA Shipping Requirements
Amazon FBA Shipping Requirements

Amazon FBA Shipping requirements: packaging material selection

Amazon stores all over the world have unified commodity packaging standards, using standard six-sided paper boxes to package commodities.

Do not use damaged cartons (partially or completely damaged) or contaminated cartons (with large areas of stain around them) to pack the goods.

Do not use biodegradable packaging (titanium dioxide packaging) to pack goods.

Do not use soft and easily damaged cartons (that kind of cheap inferior, too thin cartons). The packing must be strong enough to withstand any external pressure on the goods during transit.

Packing materials in cartons should not be filled with loose materials (such as foam or shredded paper), but should be made of materials acceptable to Amazon. For example, use large-size pads, air mattresses, whole sheets of paper, foam paper, or film rolls.

When using recycled cartons, ensure that all positions of the cartons are intact.

Cartons cannot be secured or sealed with large staples or nylon tape.

Do not use packing straps, elastic bands, or other belts to bind the cartons when transporting various containers.

Do not add padding, protective board, cardboard, etc., around the carton.

The dimensions of either side of the carton shall not exceed 63.5 cm unless the carton size for a single piece of goods exceeds the standard.Do not send cartons of the same size as the pallet.

The rejected goods need to be sent back to the original place for re-packing and warehousing, which will not only cause additional costs but also delay the warehousing time of the goods. Therefore, before shipment, it is necessary to check carefully whether the packing of your goods meets the FBA warehouse receipt requirements of the destination country to avoid loss due to rejection.

Amazon FBA Shipping requirements
Amazon FBA Shipping requirements

Amazon FBA Shipping requirements: labeling

National standard is generally a square with a side length of 4CM. FBA products shall stick two national standards on the upper right corner of the narrow side of each container.

Product SKU Label The SKU label of a product is the unique identification of a product. Amazon recognizes the code and does not recognize the goods. So be sure to check carefully to avoid mislabeling, once you paste the wrong SKU code, Amazon will help you replace it will be very expensive.

FBA Label Label FBA Label Label is the Label of the outer package of the goods confirmed by the Amazon warehouse when receiving the goods. It is pasted on the package of the product because it is an identification of the product, so it is used for warehousing and warehousing.

Products exported to the United States must be labeled “Made in China”, “Made IN China” label should be affixed on the outer box and each product, otherwise, they will be detained by the local customs and returned.

According to Amazon’s regulations, a single package cannot exceed 30kg. If the package exceeds 15kg, it needs to be labeled “Team Lift”. Because of amazon’s cargo handling regulations, two operators are required to handle parcels over 15kg. The “Team Lift” tag is meant to wake up the operator, and it takes two people to do it.

Amazon FBA Shipping Requirements
Amazon FBA Shipping Requirements

Amazon FBA shipping requirements and notes

Amazon cannot be directly used as the consignee and importer, that is to say, the goods sent by the seller to FBA of Amazon in the United States shall not incur any fees when delivered to FBA. Meanwhile, the consignee shall not directly write the name of the sender or store on Amazon.

Amazon FBA shipping requirements, the delivery of express goods to Amazon FBA in the United States does not need to make a plate it does not need to make an appointment. FBA will identify which customer the goods belong to according to the container mark/label affixed by the customer to the outer box.

Bulk goods shipped to FBA must be booked 2 days in advance, and TRACKING can be made. At the same time, the bulk goods must be packed in pallets, and the specifications and requirements of pallets are strict. FBA will not accept them if they do not meet the requirements.

Amazon FBA Shipping requirements: Several reasons for easy customs clearance

Specialty products: eyeglasses, beauty instruments, and medical instruments. For these products imported into the United States, the “FDA “should be provided. If these documents cannot be provided, the products cannot be imported.

Amazon FBA Shipping Requirements
Amazon FBA Shipping Requirements

anti-dumping products: these products are shown on your commercial invoice, 80% will be stuck at the customs when entering the United States.

If the goods are FBA goods from Amazon in The United States, you cannot pick up the goods without friends in the United States to help you deal with them.

imitation brand:  Amazon FBA shipping requirements, anti-brand goods in Los Angeles or New York airport customs clearance 90% will be checked, the United States Amazon FBA goods are also a very high probability of being checked.

Therefore, Amazon FBA shipping requirements,when FBA is preparing the goods for shipment, it is necessary to check several times to ensure that the product label is not mislabeled. Sellers in the formulation of plans, but also take into account the issue of warehousing and warehousing.

Especially for new sellers and new accounts, the hope is often the default way to divide warehouse distribution of your delivery plan, and at the same time, the new seller’s single quantity of goods is less, once divided warehouse, may lead to a single piece of freight cost beyond expectation.

so the seller must be by the platform to give the closing rate table to check when shipping, Make a comparison between the cost of warehousing and the extra cost generated when goods are divided into development, to see whether the cost of warehousing is low or the cost of warehousing is low, the two choices it’s low, to do a good job “throttling”.

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