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Amazon FBA service is a popular warehousing and distribution service that provides sellers with convenient shipping and logistics solutions. To ensure smooth shipping, you should set up your Amazon FBA shipping plan well in advance.

Create an Amazon FBA shipping plan

Things to prepare before creating an Amazon FBA shipping plan

Before creating an FBA shipment, sellers need to prepare the following:

1. Register an Amazon seller account.
Sellers need to register a seller account on Amazon and add their products to Amazon’s inventory.

2. Choose Amazon FBA service.
Sellers need to choose the Amazon FBA service and send their inventory to Amazon’s warehouse.

3. Select the shipping method.
Sellers need to choose a shipping method, including consignment, express delivery, or self-shipping.

4. Prepare delivery list.
Sellers need to prepare a delivery list, including information such as product name, quantity, SKU code, and FBA label.


Amazon FBA shipping plan


Process for creating the Amazon FBA shipping plan

Here is the process for creating an FBA shipment on Amazon:

1. Create a Amazon FBA shipping plan.
The seller needs to create a delivery plan, including selecting the delivery warehouse, entering the quantity of goods to be delivered, and confirming the delivery method.

2. Prepare the shipping list.
Sellers need to prepare a shipping list and upload it to Amazon’s system.

3. Print the FBA label.
Sellers need to print the FBA label and paste it on each item.

4. Packaged goods.
The seller needs to pack the product according to Amazon’s packaging requirements, and paste the FBA label on the outside of the package.

5. Send the goods.
Sellers can choose to send the goods to Amazon’s warehouse by means of self-transportation, consignment or express delivery.

6. Confirm delivery.
Sellers need to confirm shipment on Amazon and provide a shipping tracking number.


Amazon FBA shipping plan


Matters needing attention

1. Make sure that the product meets Amazon’s standards.
Sellers need to ensure that their products meet Amazon’s standards, including size, weight, packaging and labeling.

2. Choose the appropriate shipping method.
Sellers need to choose the appropriate shipping method according to their actual situation and needs, and ensure that the goods can arrive at Amazon’s warehouse in time.

3. Upload the delivery list as required.
The seller needs to upload the delivery list correctly according to Amazon’s requirements, and ensure that the product name, quantity, SKU code and other information in the list are accurate.

4. Paste the correct FBA label.
Sellers need to paste the correct FBA label and ensure that the label is attached to the correct position of each product.

5. Pay attention to the packaging requirements.
Sellers need to package according to Amazon’s packaging requirements and ensure that each item is properly packaged and protected.


Amazon FBA shipping plan


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