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Amazon FBA is a legitimate way to simplify storage, shipping, and customer service. You can operate anytime, anywhere and still be assured of reliable, on-time delivery.

While most people consider Amazon fulfillment fees, few new sellers consider Amazon FBA shipping costs. Shipping your items to Amazon can actually be very expensive!
Only when Amazon FBA shipping costs are allocated reasonably can there be more reasonable profits.

For Amazon FBA sellers, both logistics and inventory issues are worrying issues for sellers. Sufficient inventory is an important pillar of product sales, and logistics is the decisive factor for sufficient inventory, because if the logistics is not delivered, then There will be no goods that can enter the FBA warehouse.

Amazon FBA shipping costs

Ways to save Amazon FBA shipping costs

1. Allocation of goods by weight

In order to avoid wasting money on shipping, sellers must consider the weight distribution when delivering the goods (of course, if your product is not in stock, you can skip it).
If your products are in stock, then when sending shipping, it is necessary to consider combining heavy goods and foam products, so as to reduce unnecessary Amazon FBA shipping costs caused by large quantities.

2. Do not make mistakes in the product barcode

Because each product shipped by FBA needs to have a product barcode, the seller must verify it clearly when delivering the product to avoid wrongly pasting the barcode. This situation will especially happen when multiple SKUs are shipped together.

Once the packager is careless, it may constitute a situation where the barcode is wrongly pasted. If this happens, it will waste time and constitute unnecessary Amazon FBA shipping costs, there may also be negative comments left by customers after purchase.

Amazon FBA shipping costs

3. The number of boxes cannot be mistaken, a single box cannot be overweight, and the delivery quantity must be accurate

The total number of boxes in each FBA delivery plan should not be mistaken, neither too many nor too few, because Amazon has strict requirements on the weight and volume of a single box because the outer box label has already determined the delivery plan.

Once the number of boxes is wrong, it may cause delays in the warehouse or even inability to enter the warehouse, resulting in additional Amazon FBA shipping costs.
The weight of a single box is best controlled within 22Kg. The length of one side of the box cannot exceed 25″, about 63.5CM. For the goods, if they are sent by pallet, there are corresponding standards, and you can verify it yourself in the background.

4. How to deal with the slow-moving inventory in the FBA warehouse

Recently, many sellers have suddenly discovered that the monthly management fee of FBA has increased a lot. The warehouse season is more serious, and the monthly storage fee of FBA has increased a lot.

Some sellers have unsalable inventory, it is recommended to deal with it as soon as possible. If the value of the goods is not high and there is no plan to resell them, they can be discarded directly. This can not only save storage costs, but also save Amazon FBA shipping costs for returning goods.

Amazon FBA shipping costs

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