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What is Amazon FBA shipment?

Amazon FBA (Fulfillment by Amazon) is a logistics service provided by Amazon. It’s designed to boost sellers’ sales. With Amazon FBA shipment services, you can store your products in Amazon’s fulfillment centers, and Amazon employees will pick, pack, ship, and handle all customer inquiries and returns for those products.

Of course, Amazon charges for different FBA services.

How long does Amazon FBA shipment from China to the US take?

To understand the Amazon FBA timeliness for US shipments, it is necessary to see which channel is used. At present, Amazon’s FBA channels in the United States are mainly divided into shipping, air shipping, and express delivery.

Among them, express delivery is the fastest, followed by air shipping, and then shipping. Of course, the price is also proportional, the aging time is fast, and the cost is naturally high. Let’s see how long it takes.

Amazon FBA shipment

International express

DHL, UPS, Fedex international express delivery companies generally have more favorable prices for 21kg or more, and some have short time, which is suitable for emergency replenishment.

Amazon FBA shipment in express delivery is reserved for storage without reservation, but it should be noted that Amazon is only a receiving warehouse, not a customs clearer, and is not responsible for customs clearance and tax payment. Be sure to declare and prepay customs duties and prepare local customs clearance importers in advance.

 Air + truck or express line

Air freight is delivered to the destination country, and then delivered to the Amazon warehouse by local express delivery. The time is slightly slower than that of international express delivery, but the price is also much cheaper, and basically it includes customs clearance and customs duties.

It is very convenient to enter the warehouse without an appointment.

Sea + truck or express line

Shipping + customs clearance + destination country delivery, the time is slightly longer. The time is long, generally the whole process takes 25-30 days, and even more than 40 days in special circumstances.

In addition, when it is shipping from China to Amazon FBA by ocean+ trailer or UPS express, it generally requires an appointment for storage, and the timeliness is slow, but the price is cheap, which is suitable for replenishment without urgent requirements.

Generally, sellers should pay attention to the timeliness, that is, replenishment in advance in the off-season or when the inventory can last for more than a month or two months, so as not to affect the sales process due to out-of-stock.

Amazon FBA shipment

Overseas warehouse distribution

The seller first sends the freight to the overseas warehouse of the freight forwarding company in batches, and then the overseas warehouse sends the freight to the Amazon warehouse according to the seller’s Amazon warehouse construction situation. This kind of aging should be the fastest at present, and the storage fee is about 20% cheaper than Amazon.

The advantages of Amazon FBA shipment special line from China to USA

Timely: The Amazon FBA shipment special line from China to USA is a convenient and close route, and there will be no transit stops, so the special line logistics can save most of the time and can be sent to the recipient as quickly as possible.

Accurate: During the entire transportation process of the Amazon FBA shipment special line from China to USA, because there is no transit stop, it is difficult to lose the goods or unload the wrong goods in the middle. It can ensure that the number and specifications of the transported goods are correct. Delivered exactly to the recipient.

Safety: The Amazon FBA shipment special line from China to USA can ensure the use value of the goods during the transportation process. It will not make some goods lose their use value and become waste due to excessive loading and unloading or improper loading and unloading;

Prevent the goods from being damaged by external forces during the transportation and loading and unloading of goods;

Economy: The Amazon fba special line logistics from China to the United States is to carry out economical and reasonable transportation routes and transportation methods, reduce transportation links as much as possible, shorten transportation mileage.

And strive to spend the least cost, transport goods to their destination, and reduce transportation costs.

Amazon FBA shipment

How much does Amazon FBA shipment cost ?

Since there are two stages in the process of Amazon FBA shipment from China to USA, the total shipping cost in this way depends on the cost of ocean shipping and land shipping.
Shipping costs vary from month to month, and there are peak seasons, especially during peak seasons.

You need to check the charges with the freight forwarder at a specific time. The good news is that, overall, the cost of ocean freight is usually 80% less than the cost of international express or air freight.

In terms of land costs, please note that if your Amazon warehouse is in the western US, the cost will be much lower; if the warehouse is in the east, the cost will be higher.

To sum up, regarding the price, based on our experience, here we would like to give you a reference price ($200-300/CBM) for all shipping costs from Chinese ports to US Amazon warehouses. This reference price should help you estimate FBA shipping for any product to the US.

How do I package my cargos for Amazon FBA shipment?

Make sure your shipment is wrapped or securely wrapped
Wrapped in some kind of plastic or casing so they won’t be covered in carton cardboard dust when they reach your customer
Ensure packaged units are placed in the main carton to minimize empty space
Fill the carton with padding to fill any space to prevent goods from bumping into each other and moving in the carton
Seal the carton
Make sure your main carton is properly constructed to support any extra weight

Amazon FBA shipment

Should I buy shipping insurance for Amazon FBA shipment from China to US?

Cargo insurance is strongly recommended because:

50% of freight claims rejected by carrier

Your cargo passes through many hands and places before reaching you, increasing the chance of damage

In the event of damage or loss, carriers will use their best endeavours to limit or completely avoid liability, even if they are at fault

Cargo insurance will cover your cargo from pickup to delivery, across multiple carriers and modes, it covers the value of your cargo and the freight and other charges you pay for your cargo.


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