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Amazon FBA seller fees is getting higher and higher, we have to learn to consider the operating costs in a comprehensive manner, which in the FBA there are many payment items we can save or avoid.

Amazon FBA seller fees program

1, FBA fee = (fulfillment fee) + (monthly storage fee) + (storage inventory placement service fee)

2, fulfillment fee = (order processing fee) + (picking and packing fee) + (weighing processing fee)

3、Order Processing Fee is billed per piece. Order Processing Fee (Standard Piece Items)

4、Sorting and packaging fees and weighing fees are charged according to the size and weight of the goods.

Amazon FBA seller fees

Amazon FBA seller fees

Other costs are mainly the cost of some personalized services, such as labeling, transit, destruction, special packaging and so on.

Visible invisible increase in the Amazon FBA seller fees , only to know the details of the FBA deduction link, in order to reasonably plan the management of inventory, effective control of the budget to reduce the cost of fees.

How to save Amazon FBA seller fees

1.Looking for high quality and cheap source of goods

Linked to the final profit is first of all the source of goods, goods first of all to start from the selection of goods.

01: Selection of goods to consider storage costs

Relative to large and heavy products, small and light products in the cost of freight, delivery time, warehousing costs, etc. have an absolute advantage, so do a good job in the selection of trade-offs, different goods with orderly.


packaging for air freight

Amazon FBA seller fees


02: Reasonable stocking

When stocking the right amount, according to their daily sales, combined with the stocking cycle, delivery time, sales speed and other elements of comprehensive consideration, not excessive stocking, but also try to minimize the emergence of out-of-stock.

2. Selling skills

The most direct way to save Amazon FBA storage fees is to increase product sales as much as possible, if the sales volume is high, not only can you save long-term storage fees, but also have extra money to turn around.

01: Product innovation

Now that the infringement and homogenization are serious, sellers work hard on product selection and product innovation. Product listing writing should be refined to perfection, all the preparations to do a good job to have a good result.

02: Overseas warehouse

If the sales volume is very large sellers, it is recommended to do overseas warehouse.

Large quantities of goods can be placed in overseas warehouses, according to sales, instant replenishment to the FBA warehouse, as a way to control the problem of high long-term FBA warehousing fees, but also to avoid listing problems subsequent backlog of inventory to deal with.


freight forwarder for Amazon FBA


3. Off-site promotion

Although the role of off-site promotions is not so immediate, but in the face of the current monthly storage fees, sellers need to find ways to clean up their inventory as soon as possible, long-term off-site promotions can help sellers clean up some of them.

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