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For FBA cross-border sellers, choose the correct shipping transportation way to determine whether the goods can be by the limitation to the FBA warehouse, but many sellers often don’t understand FBA Marine concrete operation method and operation process, so today to give you a detailed interpretation of the amazon fba sea freight shipping operation method and detailed operation process of shipping.

What is FBA?

Amazon FBA stands for Fulfilment by Amazon. This service is mainly provided by Amazon itself, providing a series of logistics, transport, and warehousing services such as warehousing, picking and packaging, delivery, payment collection, customer service and return processing.

The mainstream transportation modes of Amazon FBA include air transportation and sea transportation. Different transportation modes have different advantages and disadvantages.

Amazon FBA air transportation mainly uses domestic international air transportation to first transport the goods to overseas local areas, then uses overseas local express delivery to directly transport the goods to the Amazon FBA warehouse. The biggest advantage of Amazon FBA air freight is its fast speed, which is only a little slower than direct delivery, and the reservation-free warehousing service is more convenient and fast.

Amazon FBA shipment
Amazon FBA shipment

The main mode of amazon fba sea freight shipping is customs clearance by sea and delivery to the receiving country. Compared with air transportation, the overall shipping speed of Amazon FBA is slightly longer, taking more than one month on average, but the biggest advantage lies in its low price, which is suitable for sellers who do not need urgent replenishment.

amazon fba sea freight shipping operation method and detailed operation process

amazon fba sea freight shipping ,The container:

The seller had better do a good job of packing the goods before delivery. Before packing, we must determine the number of pieces, weight, square number, and plate number, to avoid disputes arising from inconsistency with the data measured by the freight forwarder during delivery.

After loading the container, prepare the packing list, and finally, make an appointment with the freight forwarder to pick up the goods. Then the preliminary work will be completed.

amazon fba sea freight shipping ,Customs clearance:

The customs declaration process is generally divided into tax rebate declaration and payment declaration, and the need to have import and export rights and have signed a paperless declaration of the company to smoothly apply for the tax rebate declaration process.

amazon fba sea freight shipping ,General customs declaration documents need to be prepared:

Foreign trade contracts;

The invoice;

The packing list.

Declaration of power of attorney;

The customs declaration form.

I declare at customs data is not complete, must complement relevant data in time, and ensure goods clearance flow is not affected.

freight forwarder to USA
freight forwarder to USA

amazon fba sea freight shipping ,Customs clearance:

Customs clearance is the most critical step in the whole FBA initial process and determines whether your goods can smoothly arrive at the FBA warehouse. When the seller sends goods, must pay attention to must not choose to send contraband goods overseas.

The whole FBA shipping process is basically like this. The seller must consult the forwarder for specific concerns in advance when making the delivery.

Amazon FBA shipping is the cheapest mode of transportation at present. It can not only bear the maximum cargo weight but also has low freight, which is the reason why many Amazon sellers are willing to choose it. Today, we will talk about the mode of transportation and process of Amazon FBA shipping.

Shipping is economical and affordable. Compared with other air transportation and express delivery, shipping has an absolute advantage in price, which relieves a great economic burden on Amazon sellers.

What is amazon fba sea freight shipping?

Sea transportation is very easy to understand, which means that goods are delivered to the Amazon FBA warehouse by sea. There are fast ships and slow ships by sea.

FBA shipping is divided into two modes: shipping + express and shipping + truck.

Shipping + express is the way of shipping plus express. After the goods arrive at the customs clearance, they are released. This generally includes double customs clearance and customs duties, which is very convenient.

Shipping + truck means shipping and truck transportation to deliver the goods to the port. After customs clearance is completed, the goods are transported to the Amazon warehouse by train and finally by truck. This kind of customs clearance is generally double, but customs duties are not included.

shipping from China to Amazon FBA cost
shipping from China to Amazon FBA cost

amazon fba sea freight shipping process

The process of FBA shipping is very simple. The goods are packed and loaded into containers by the logistics company, and then reported to the customs outlet for export and customs clearance. The shipping process is followed by foreign customs clearance, and finally, the goods can be directly sent to the AMAZON FBA warehouse.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of Amazon FBA shipping?

amazon fba sea freight shipping advantages:

amazon fba sea freight from china,the freight is relatively cheap, divided into the fast ship and slow ship, sea transportation is cheaper, the cost of sea transportation is relatively low, so the price is relatively cheap, is also one of the reasons why many sellers choose;

suitable for all kinds of large items, such as the size and weight of the special, are suitable for sea transportation, the freight is also cheap, is the strongest in all modes of transportation, can carry more than 500 tons of goods, this aspect has a greater advantage than air;

Shipping has fewer restrictions on items, such as electric, magnetic, or liquid.

amazon fba sea freight shipping
amazon fba sea freight shipping

amazon fba sea freight shipping disadvantages:

Shipping takes a long time and is greatly affected by weather, so timeliness cannot be guaranteed;

the stability is poor, if one link goes wrong, the other will affect the efficiency of freight;

Shipping is limited. For example, the minimum volume of shipping is 2 square meters, and Shanghai needs at least 100 kilograms.

The seller should pack the products well. If not, there is a large chance of shipping damage.

Amazon FBA shipping has both advantages and disadvantages. The seller can choose according to the actual situation. Although the transportation cost and freight are very cheap, timeliness is not guaranteed.

amazon fba sea freight shipping  Matters needing attention

However, amazon FBA shipping also has a lot of considerations, do you know what they are?

amazon fba sea freight shipping:Goods declaration

We suggest that we must not under-declare the goods, it is very easy to lead to customs inspection, anti-dumping, detention, delay, and other situations, affecting the warehousing of goods. It is safer to declare a minimum of 65% of the purchase value.

At the same time, but also truthfully declare the name of the goods, all goods can be confirmed to transport customs clearance before warehousing.

amazon fba sea freight from china
amazon fba sea freight from china

amazon fba sea freight shipping:Shipping information

Before shipment, provide correct and clear shipping information, including a detailed description of goods in invoice and package list, without set/accessories and other words.

Try to provide the customs code and product pictures, because foreign customs clearance will classify the products according to the information of these goods. After SHIPMENT, ASIN, SHIPMENT ID, and other codes should be provided.

amazon fba sea freight shipping :Packing of goods

Products and outer containers should be labeled “Made in China”. Otherwise, if they are inspected by foreign customs, subsidies will be required and labeling fees and labor costs will be paid, which will also take a lot of time.

Amazon FBA shipping from China
Amazon FBA shipping from China

amazon fba sea freight shipping:Single ticket price

If the total amount of customs declaration exceeds 100,000 USD, the manual audit will be carried out instead of the computer rapid audit channel.

If the declaration is true, the customs will require the business unit to provide the VAT invoice or the bank payment certificate corresponding to the goods.

amazon fba sea freight shipping:Customs clearance materials

Our country’s custom is to strike severely false trade, check bill should offer business license photocopy to cover official seal, original of the bill of value-added tax, original of the export special bill, photocopy of the bill of value-added tax to cover official seal, the receipt water sheet of the contract of foreign trade, bank, goods picture to cover official seal had better be chromatic, duty registers card also is the requirement wants some.

Although the current FBA shipping provides the fine line for double packing and tax clearance, only after the seller submits complete information can the customs clearance and other processes are better completed.

Specifically, we need to find a reliable freight forwarding company, and then consult clearly on what matters need attention. If we are ready, we can avoid some unnecessary problems, improve the transportation efficiency of goods, and reduce logistics costs. These are very key, and we must understand them clearly.

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