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The Amazon FBA model, the full name of FBA is Fulfillment by Amazon, which refers to the warehousing and distribution services provided by Amazon, including warehousing, packaging, delivery, collection and after-sales.

Amazon FBA Mode FAQs and Answers

Q:Do FBA delivery buyers have to pay postage?

A:FBA delivery, if the buyer is a prime member, then he buys all products with the prime logo are free shipping; if he is not a prime member, then he needs to buy enough $49 to get free shipping, if the amount is less than this amount, the buyer needs to buy it himself Pay a certain shipping fee, which will be paid together when placing the order.


Q:FBA refund, may I know the reason?

A:You can use the order number to open a case to contact the seller’s support, but Amazon can only reply roughly, and there will be no specific reasons in the background.


Amazon FBA Mode

Amazon FBA Mode


Q:What is the reason why the inventory sometimes shows more and sometimes shows less?

A:There are abnormalities in the inventory quantity, and there are generally the following two situations.

1. A buyer places an order, but cancels it again;

2. Amazon moved the warehouse and redistributed the product to the warehouse;


Q:The FBA goods were returned to the warehouse, how to deal with them?

A:First of all, it is necessary to determine whether the product can be repackaged and sold, and if so, it does not need to be processed; if the product is damaged and cannot be sold again, you can choose to destroy it or move it to an overseas warehouse by creating a removal order.


Q:The listing is deleted, what should I do with the inventory?

A:You can use the batch form to re-upload and fill in the information as much as possible. If you do not want to continue selling, you can create a removal order or destroy it in the background.


Amazon FBA Mode

Amazon FBA Mode


Q:If the order is returned, will the FBA fee be refunded?

A:The FBA fee for delivery will be charged, and 80% of the commission will be refunded to the seller, and the seller does not need to bear the cost of the buyer’s return.


Q:If FBA with different listings want to ship together, can I only apply for combined warehouses?

A:There is no need to close the warehouse, just convert all the listings you want to ship to FBA shipments, check them together, and make supplementary shipments.


Q:What should I do if the FBA plan is allocated to two or three warehouses?

A:You can use the warehouse closing function, click Settings—Fulfilled by Amazon—Inbound Settings in turn, and then check Inventory Placement Service. This function requires a fee, and overweight products are more expensive. For details, please ask customer service or search for Inventory Placement Service in the background. Another method is to send all the items to the overseas warehouse first, and then send them to the FBA warehouse separately from the overseas warehouse.


FBA logistics

Amazon FBA Mode


Q:When creating an FBA plan, the size and weight are wrongly written, resulting in an overrun of the fee preview. How to solve it?

A:You can go to the background inventory, find the package information in the More Details of the product, and modify it normally.

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Amazon FBA Mode

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