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American FBA Shipping + Express is one of the most commonly used transportation methods for Amazon fba importing from china. The front-end transportation will be delivered by sea, and the back-end will be delivered by FedEx/UPS after customs clearance and container removal at American ports. Shipping + express generally does not require a reservation to enter the FBA warehouse, which is fast. Generally quoted by KG, the price is a little more expensive but much cheaper than air freight and express.

Amazon FBA importing from China, and FBA Shipping + Express has three products

Amazon FBA importing from China, Matson Clippers

Known as the fastest ship in China, the ship is scheduled to depart in 6 to 30 days. It will arrive in Long Beach, USA 8-10 days after departure, and will be delivered by express after customs clearance and container removal. Both east China and South China are shipped to Shanghai loaded containers. The price is the highest of the three

Amazon FBA importing from China, ZIM clippers

The clipper ship comparable to Messen’s effectiveness will be shipped in Yantian, Shenzhen every Wednesday, with six sections and three openings. It will arrive in Los Angeles 9-11 days after departure and then be delivered by express after customs clearance and cabinet removal.

sea freight from China to the US
sea freight from China to the US

Amazon FBA importing from China, Yantian Clipper

The ship will be shipped from Yantian, Shenzhen, and it will arrive in Los Angeles in about 13-15 days. After customs clearance and container removal, UPS will deliver the goods to FBA warehouses across the United States. The price is the best.

Price comparison: Matson > ZIM Clipper > Yantian Clipper

Time contrast: Mason > ZIM Clipper > Yantian Clipper

(The above prescription is for reference only. Currently affected by the epidemic, some products may be delayed.)

Amazon fba importing from china,The transport capacity of the lowest product of air freight + express is 15 kilograms, and sea freight + express is 100 kilograms carry capacity commonly, also have 50 kilograms carry, insufficient 50 kilograms is calculated by 50 kilograms. The freight volume of sea + truck is either 1 CBM or 2 CBM.

Amazon fba importing from china, shipping + express, and shipping + truck products are cheap, but the operation of shipping + express and shipping + truck is more complicated than that of air freight + express, and there are many factors of uncertainty. Sometimes there will be disputes with logistics suppliers because of unexpected situations that sellers do not understand. The seller has the seller difficulties and logistics suffering.

shipping directly from China to Amazon FBA
shipping directly from China to Amazon FBA

Let’s take a look at some of the problems and solutions of shipping + express, and shipping + truck.

Amazon fba importing from china, the price

Shipping from China to Amazon FBA by Ocean, The first thing cross-border e-commerce sellers see is the price, which is the most direct product presentation. Both old and new customers will be very price sensitive. The prices and regulations of different Shanghai and Haika logistics providers on the market are not the same, so we need to compare and confirm the quotations of multiple logistics providers.

The quotation sheet of the product is relatively complex, some tax included some without tax, some customs fees some charge not for customs clearance, to pay the delivery fee, others do not need to pay, and the port of destination customs inspection split the bill, also like amazon’s truck into the warehouse of the overtime fee, etc., and some of the hidden fees: some special products is to add money. Know these things in advance.

Amazon fba importing from china,time

This is also the key problem of sea transportation + express and sea transportation + truck at present. The speed stability of sea transportation + express and sea transportation + truck is worse than that of air transportation + express. Let’s talk about what factors will affect the speed of sea transportation + express products:

Amazon fba importing from china, jilt goods

In a container, it will be around 68 cubic goods, but our goods would not be a one-off seller’s hair so much, maybe only a few cubics to dozens of cubic or so, but Shanghai must set enough 68 cubic goods, filled with this container can hold a box, because the cost of a container is relatively fixed, Receiving party number or weight of the cargo has a break-even line, below the break-even line shipping + delivery will be at a loss.

so when Shanghai will have the goods is not enough, in order not to let yourself at a loss, maybe logistics providers to monohydrate, lead to delay a week, we called “dumped goods”, there is another situation, a container can only hold 68 cubics, But what should the logistics provider do when he receives 80 cubic meters of goods? The last part of the extra goods will be dumped, but the vast majority of logistics will arrange the delivery of the week, In the situation of dumped goods only a few logistics companies exist.

shipping from China to Amazon FBA cost
shipping from China to Amazon FBA cost

Amazon fba importing from china, Customs Inspection

Both exports from China and imports from the United States need to be declared to the customs, which will inevitably lead to customs inspection, although the probability is very small. If the export is inspected by the domestic customs, the ship may not be able to catch up with this week. However, from July 1, there are 10 big cities customs cross-border e-commerce export new two supervision methods, cross-border e-commerce B2B direct export “9710”, cross-border e-commerce export overseas warehouse “9810”.

The customs gave priority to the inspection of these two export methods, which effectively accelerated the inspection process. If the goods are inspected by the US import customs, it will take 5~7 days to deal with them, so the customs inspection is one of the force majeure factors affecting the limitation of time in Shanghai.

Sellers are most concerned about the safety of goods after customs inspection. Sometimes a container usually contains goods from several different sellers. As long as there is a problem with the goods of one seller, the goods in this container will be temporarily detained and it will take a certain amount of time to deal with them.

If you want to avoid this risk, it is necessary to do a good job from the source of the selection of control, such as to avoid anti-dumping products, infringement products, etc., need to provide relevant certificates and authorization documents to be ready, do not have fluke psychology. Do not be afraid of customs inspection, in most cases, there is no need to check, even if the inspection, as long as there is no problem with the goods, customs clearance, and complete information. Inspection will only take some time.

Amazon fba importing from china,Delay of departure time under special circumstances

The third factor is the departure time of the shipping company. Just like the airlines will delay the departure time due to weather, the shipping company will occasionally delay the departure time due to some unexpected special circumstances, such as typhoons.

Amazon Fba Importing From China
Amazon Fba Importing From China

Amazon fba importing from china,Unloading time

When the shipping company arrives at the Port of Los Angeles, it will need to queue up for unloading. (Containers must be unloaded to the dock before being picked up) The unloading time is also uncertain. In the off-season, unloading may only take 2 days, but in the peak season, unloading may take 3~5 days or even 7 days. Meisen, star clipper is generally the second day after the port can pick up the ark.

Amazon fba importing from china,Consider your selection

The hair behind if it is shipping + Courier, Courier is better because it is amazon’s warehouse is free to make an appointment, but if it is shipping + truck, by truck to send, after the variable here also is more, we often go to a few big warehouses such as ONT8, FTW1, ABE8, etc., large warehouse the goods is more, so time will be a bit more secure, In terms of truck transportation time, it usually takes only 1 to 2 days to reach FBA warehouse in the West of the United States, and only 4 to 5 days to reach FBA warehouse in the East of the United States.

However, we need to wait for truck companies to deliver and collect goods. Some of them are delivered once a week, and some are delivered three to four times a week, which also takes some time.

In addition, if it is a busy season, it will become a very troublesome problem to reserve the amazon warehouse for trucks. Sometimes, the reservation cannot be made for a week, which is also some objective reasons that are difficult to grasp.

How to deal with the shipping + express, shipping + truck time limitation?

Amazon fba importing from china,Shipping + express and shipping + truck are complex products to operate. We have listed some possible problems above, some of which are difficult to control and some of which can be prevented and remedied. Here’s a look at some remedies.

china to amazon fba
china to amazon fba

Master the key nodes of shipping + express and shipping + truck

For example loading time, container number after loading, vessel name and voyage, whether the ship sails on time, expected arrival time, and whether the customs release the goods in time; How about the unloading status, the progress of container packing and unpacking in the US warehouse, whether it has been delivered to the express company/truck, whether the goods have been picked up successfully; After the delivery to the Amazon warehouse, when will you receive the receipt? You can discuss with the logistics provider in advance and ask their customer service to give feedback on these key links. General formal logistics service providers are timely to provide the relevant node situation.

Choose high-quality logistics providers, don’t just believe in “verbal promises”

In the choice of logistics providers, do not be confused by the commitment of the other side, because the logistics industry is also very competitive, some logistics providers to attract more business will give the seller some “excessive commitment”, patting the chest, but in fact, a lot of things are not in his control. So the seller to remember is not committed to doing a good logistics is more reliable, stronger strength, you choose 2-3 good service providers, need to investigate the popularity of logistics, comprehensive strength, service level, etc.

Timely feedback is important. Honesty = accountability

What kind of logistics business is responsible? When any situation occurs in the logistics link, the logistics provider who actively communicates with the seller and timely feedback is better, because the seller knows the problem in advance and can also carry out some remedial measures; On the other hand, some logistics providers are afraid that sellers know logistics problems will affect the cooperative relationship, so they hide the problems. This behavior will cause greater losses to sellers, leading to sellers becoming more and more passive.

china to amazon fba
china to amazon fba

Combine various logistics modes to prepare goods reasonably

For shipping + express, advantages and disadvantages of shipping + truck, a correct assessment, cheaper shipping + express, Marine + truck cost are low, but timeliness is not stable and the objective facts, so the seller can best combination + express delivery, express delivery, air + Courier, sea shipping + trucks, and other logistics mode to make reasonable distribution arrangements, In the distribution proportion according to the actual situation to make adjustments.

Maintain a good cooperative relationship with logistics providers

Keep good relationship with logistics, a free, and not only can enjoy good service and price, still can obtain more useful information, because the logistics are the earliest market perception changes, inform logistics delivery plan as soon as possible, can let the logistics reserve space in advance, avoid any urgent shipment and loads without on the week

Finally, due to the influence of many objective factors, there will inevitably be friction and poor communication in the process of cooperation, resulting in bad feelings and complaints. But no matter the seller or logistics business everyone has their difficulties and is helpless.

We hope that we can treat each of our dedicated partners with an inclusive attitude. With more trust and more understanding, I believe that after the test of time and accumulation of experience, sellers can find real reliable quality service providers. New cool international in the United States FBA logistics channel has the full advantage, so that your goods safely and quickly to the destination. With its overseas warehouses and American truck fleets, cross-border e-commerce sellers can enjoy better services while reducing logistics costs.

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