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Amazon FBA freight forwarding company help FBA sellers deliver goods from their overseas manufacturers to Amazon fulfillment centers, third-party fulfillment centers or designated warehouses.

They coordinate the entire shipment process for you as dedicated experts, understanding all the technical requirements needed to get your products through customs and into Amazon.
Without an Amazon FBA freight forwarding company, it is almost impossible for the average FBA seller to independently arrange the shipment process.

There are many laws and regulations involved in international shipping, so it is best to let a freight forwarder manage the logistics on your behalf.

Amazon FBA freight forwarding company

Why Hire an Amazon FBA freight forwarding company?

As private label sellers on Amazon, we all wish the international shipping process would be a lot easier, but it just isn’t.

For large, heavy shipments that need to be shipped by sea or air, many problems can arise, such as delays in customs clearance or damage to the goods.

They arrange the whole shipment for you

Freight forwarders know everything about shipping

They can insure your shipment

Customs clearance

If you want to ensure that your products arrive safely and on time from the factory at an Amazon fulfillment center, it’s best to hire an Amazon FBA freight forwarding company to manage every step of the process.

For Amazon FBA sellers, how many freight forwarding resources should at least cooperate with? Why do you need to find more companies, isn’t it a waste of resources? Then, my answer is: don’t waste it, you must find it!

It is recommended that you have at least three or more cooperative freight forwarders on hand. why? Choosing an Amazon FBA freight forwarding company mainly depends on three key points: timeliness, customs clearance, and price.

Amazon FBA freight forwarding company

1. Prescription

When we ship goods, sometimes we are in a hurry to replenish the goods, and sometimes we are preparing goods for the peak season, so the requirements for timeliness will be different. Different Amazon FBA freight forwarding companies have different logistics resources, which leads to different timeliness.

Regardless of whether our own needs are fast or slow, we must know the timeliness of different channels and different freight forwarding companies in advance, so that we can be prepared and use it calmly when we need it.

2. Customs clearance

Especially in European countries, the customs clearance capabilities of Amazon FBA freight forwarding company is particularly important. European countries are much stricter than the United States in terms of customs clearance, so sometimes some goods cannot be cleared. However, competent freight forwarders can clear the goods through their own resources.

However, some freight forwarders who are only responsible for receiving and delivering goods do not have this ability. Once it is seized by the customs, the freight forwarder can only ask the seller to find someone to handle it. Although there are many customs clearance companies outside, they also charge a lot of service fees. Therefore, we need freight forwarders with outstanding customs clearance capabilities.

3. Price

Why do you want to find the price advantage? First of all, logistics cost has always been a very headache for sellers. If the freight forwarder can reach the buyer within the stipulated time, and the logistics price is lower than other companies, then the seller can consider cooperation.


Amazon FBA freight forwarding company

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