What Is The Best Amazon FBA Freight Forwarder USA From China?

What is Amazon FBA Freight Forwarder USA?

forwarder means freight forwarder, and FBA forwarder means amazon freight forwarder . As the seller of Amazon FBA, the goods will be delivered to the FBA forwarder, who will complete the transportation process from China to America for FBA warehousing.

International forwarders only participate in some links of international inbound and outbound transportation, while FBA forwarders have to do door-to-door, basically the whole process. Even if they do not do the logistics in the Us, they should also send the goods to their partners to complete the delivery in the US. International freight Forwarding is often involved in import, export, and customs clearance.

FBA freight transportation means that the supply chain is complicated and long, and forwarders who are engaged in transportation may not be able to carry out the whole journey, and few can carry out the whole journey of Amazon FBA transportation.

Amazon FBA Freight Forwarder USA
Amazon FBA Freight Forwarder USA

Some only do the front part of FBA and hand over the back part to other companies. Some only do the back-end, to help domestic logistics enterprises after the Logistics business of the United States, these are overseas freight forwarders, and many Chinese companies are very convenient to communicate with.

FBA agents according to the channel of different agency products are different, some only do small parcels that kind as an international express agent, DHL, UPS, FedEx, and so on. Some do air freight, sea freight, or railway transportation agent, specializing in one or several agents.

What are the general services of Amazon FBA freight forwarder USA? The delivery process roughly has the following two steps;

Send the goods to the warehouse of the domestic service provider.

Domestic service providers transport goods to Amazon warehouses (Amazon USA or Amazon Europe).

Amazon FBA Freight Forwarder USA
Amazon FBA Freight Forwarder USA

FBA headers typically include these services:

pick up from patron

China’s Shenzhen, Guangzhou, and Shanghai these coastal cities, because there are more freight forwarding companies, so many logistics companies are to support door-to-door pickup, which can save the seller to contact the domestic freight company to receive and send goods; And some are free to pick up goods, but also to save domestic transport costs.

Transportation of goods

The freight company will first find a shipping or shipping company to book space, and then arrange the transport of goods to the port, such as the time of shipment will be shipped. After arriving at the destination, it will unload and wait for the consignee to pick up the goods or deliver them. There are usually no problems with this transportation process.

Double customs clearance

This service includes an export declaration of goods and import clearance of the destination country. Many forwarder companies work with local customs agents.

As long as the seller provides the relevant information by the requirements of the forwarder company, the forwarder will conduct customs declaration and customs clearance at the destination after confirmation, which is relatively high efficiency and improves the overall transportation efficiency of the goods.

Amazon FBA Freight Forwarder USA
Amazon FBA Freight Forwarder USA

Value-added services

(1) Print Amazon label: print the corresponding label of each product according to amazon FBA barcode content requirements

(2) Agent labeling: By amazon FBA warehousing requirements, each product shall be affixed with the corresponding barcode

(3) Sorting fee: According to the type and quantity requirements of amazon FBA storage products, sorting and packing by boxes

The back-end to send

Typically, the back-end of amazon’s FBA will be delivered by Courier or truck. If it is delivered by express delivery, it is generally not necessary to make an appointment in advance, the speed is relatively fast, that is, the cost is relatively high; The cost of the truck is relatively cheap, suitable for bulk goods, but remember to make an appointment in advance oh.

How do amazon novices find AMAZON FBA freight forwarder USA?

When the goods are delivered to the Amazon warehouse in the USA, the cross-border e-commerce sellers can choose the FBA freight forwarder of Amazon in the United States. Amazon does not limit the logistics and transportation mode. No matter what model of transportation the American FBA takes, the speed is what everyone cares about, and the American FBA maritime transportation is no exception.

Amazon FBA Freight Forwarder USA
Amazon FBA Freight Forwarder USA

Sellers are free to choose the right one, and there are many ways to ship to the Amazon warehouse in the USA.


Urgent mail can be delivered via UPS. Normally, it will take 3-4 working days to arrive.


100-300kg can choose to go through the air delivery channel, normally about 12 days to arrive.


Large quantities and not urgent can choose FBA sea + express or rail transport, speed of 30 days right.


In addition to the common limitation of fba sea and air, there would be some supporting services in the transport process, such as door-to-door pickup, cooperation with logistics company confirm good, will arrange a door-to-door pickup by car, and then send the goods to the airport warehouse, export customs declaration formalities can also do for you, if you want to prepare customs declaration material, and then by the logistics company to operate for you, Any problems during amazon FBA shipping can be solved for you in time.

Amazon fba transport by sea is a lot of sellers will choose the mode of transportation, because it’s cheap, if the goods are not very urgent, by sea transport to the fba warehouse is how a bargain but, in addition to the above is a little slow, other all have no problem above, especially for bulky cargo, Can’t go by air or express, And the sea freight requirements are not so high, so choose sea freight or very good.

Amazon FBA Freight Forwarder USA
Amazon FBA Freight Forwarder USA

Domestic Amazon sellers want FBA to deliver goods to Amazon warehouse addresses in the United States and Europe, so they need the freight forwarder to carry out cross-border customs clearance, transportation, and delivery. When choosing a freight forwarder, sellers generally value the economical price, but in addition, they also have certain requirements on the logistics strength, service capacity, and other value-added services of the freight forwarder. If they only look at the price, the security risk of goods will be very high.

How to choose a professional Amazon FBA freight forwarder USA?

Amazon FBA freight forwarder USA: Multi-channel delivery demand

First of all, it must meet our delivery needs. Under normal circumstances, you can choose sea transportation, which is affordable.

Peak season or replenishment, you can choose air freight or express, to meet the needs of the time. This requires freight forwarding companies to provide corresponding logistics services. Forum International Shipping can be delivered by sea + truck, sea + express, air freight, or parcel delivery channels, to meet the diversified logistics needs.

Amazon FBA Freight Forwarder USA
Amazon FBA Freight Forwarder USA

Amazon FBA freight forwarder USA: logistics strength of freight forwarder

Amazon sellers hope to cooperate with competent forwarders to ensure the smooth delivery of their goods and reduce the risk of delay. Then how to inspect the strength of the FBA head freight forwarder company? One is logistics resources, logistics resources are rich, whether high quality. The second is the cargo handling capacity of freight forwarding companies, logistics timeliness, customs clearance capacity, back-end delivery timeliness, and so on.

Amazon FBA Freight forwarder USA: cargo handling capacity

If there is any abnormality or emergency in cross-border logistics transportation, can the freight forwarding company help to solve it? It mainly depends on the customer service and business of the freight forwarding company, whether it can flexibly solve the abnormal and unexpected problems of freight transportation. For example, customs clearance, delivery, labeling, and labeling, etc., can deal with related problems as soon as possible.

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