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Online shopping is now mainstream, and convenience is the main reason for it. Amazon is the world’s largest e-commerce platform. If you want to earn extra income with Amazon FBA, there will provide a useful starting guide for Amazon FBA for beginners.

Amazon FBA

Amazon FBA means that sellers purchase products that need to be sold on Amazon from suppliers and send them directly to Amazon FBA warehouses. After the customer places an order, the Amazon center is directly responsible for picking, packaging, delivery, and customer service, providing a one-stop service.

The Amazon FBA model can also provide sellers with services related to warehousing and logistics. For sellers, the advantage of FBA is that they do not need to deal with inventory, customer service, returns and other issues by themselves. Amazon FBA for beginners can focus on sales and operations, improving efficiency and customer satisfaction.


Amazon FBA for beginners


How to become an Amazon FBA for beginners?

A:Registration: First, you need to register as a seller on Amazon, and complete the relevant personal information and bank account information.

B: Choose products to sell: Choose products that are suitable for selling on Amazon, and make sure you have a stable supply chain and sufficient inventory.

C: Optimize product listing: It is most important to write the product title and description eye-catchingly so that others can see you, then add high-definition pictures, set reasonable prices and shipping costs, etc.

D: Promotion: Use Amazon’s advertising and promotion tools to promote your products and increase sales.

Here is another article that introduces operating strategies in detail for Amazon beginners :

Ultimate Guide to Sell on Amazon for Beginners



Quick Start Tips for Amazon FBA for beginners

A: Always pay attention to inventory management
Keep enough inventory at any time, so that you can deal with it calmly when your order volume rises; but at the same time, avoid excessive inventory that will cause cost increases.

B: Optimize product list
Frequently update and optimize product lists to increase product exposure and conversion rates.

C: Reasonably set the price and shipping cost
Set prices and shipping rates reasonably based on market conditions and competitors; too high or too low is never a good thing. If it is too low, customers will not trust your quality; if it is too high, customers will choose cheap products.

D: focus on customer satisfaction
Reply to customer messages in a timely manner, handle returns and complaints, and improve customer satisfaction.

E: Continuous learning: Only by continuously learning the operating skills and trends of Amazon FBA can we continuously improve our operating capabilities.


Amazon FBA for beginners


Best items to sell on Amazon FBA for beginners

Toys and games: This is a best-selling category on Amazon, more popular during the holiday season and more attractive to families with children.

Electronic accessories: such as mobile phone accessories, mobile power supplies, driving recorders, etc.

Household furniture: such as mattresses, light bulbs, etc.

3C digital: such as mobile phone accessories, mobile power, driving recorder, etc.

Outdoor sports: such as cycling, jogging, ball games, etc.

Beauty category: such as facial masks, cosmetics, etc.

Products in these categories have higher sales volume on Amazon and may be easier for Amazon FBA for beginners to get started. But the final choice also depends on each beginner’s business costs and market research data.

If you want to know more about Amazon product selection, you can refer to this article:

Amazon Products Selection Guide-Operation Tips



Amazon FBA for beginners


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