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What are the fees covered by Amazon FBA fees?

The Amazon FBA fees includes five parts: order delivery fee, FBA inventory storage fee, removal order fee, return processing fee, and unplanned processing service fee.

Amazon FBA fees for order delivery

Amazon FBA charges an order processing fee, pickup and packing fee, first weight and renewal fee. The delivery fee is related to the weight and size of the seller’s product after packaging, and is divided into standard size products and large size products.

Standard products are products that do not exceed 18 inches on the longest side, 14 inches on the second longest side, 8 inches on the shortest side, and weigh no more than 20 pounds when fully packaged. If a product is larger than any of the above, it will be classified as a large product.

If the seller’s product is sold as a set, the dimensions and weight are calculated after the entire set is packaged together.

Amazon FBA fees
Amazon FBA fees

Standardized Products:

(October-December) For standard size products, the Amazon FBA fees are:
1. Small standard (weighing less than 1 pound) costs $2.39.

2. Large standard (weighing less than 1 pound) costs $2.88.

3. Large standard (weight between 1 lb and 2 lb) costs $3.96.

4. Large scale (over 2 lbs) will be charged $3.96 + the portion over 2 lbs * $0.35/lb.

Logistics and delivery costs from January to September:

1. Small standard (weighing less than 1 pound) costs $2.41.

2. Large standard (weighing less than 1 pound) costs $2.99.

3. Large standard (weight between 1 lb and 2 lb) costs $4.18.

4. Large scale (weight over 2 lbs) will be charged $4.18 + portion over 2 lbs * $0.39/lb.

Amazon FBA fees

Bulk goods: (October-December))

1. For small and large pieces, it will be charged $6.69 + 2 pounds over the first weight * $0.35 per pound.

2. Large and medium, charge $8.73 + 2lbs first weight * $0.35/lb.

3. For large size, the cost is $69.50 + 90 lbs of first weight * $0.76/lb.

4. For special bulky items, charge $131.44 + the portion exceeding the first weight of 90 pounds * $0.88 per pound.

Amazon FBA fees for logistics and delivery from January to September:

1. Small and large items will be charged $6.85 + 2 pounds over the first weight * $0.39 per pound.

2. For medium oversized items, the fee is $9.20 + 2lbs first weight * $0.39/lb.

3. For large size, will be charged $75.06 + 90 lbs over first weight* $0.80/lb.

4. For special bulky items, charge $138.08 + 90 lbs over the first weight* $0.92/lb.

Amazon FBA fees
Amazon FBA fees

Amazon FBA fees for Storage

Storage fees include monthly storage fees and long-term storage fees.

Amazon FBA fees for Monthly storage: Amazon will charge from the 7th to the 15th of the second month. The storage fee is the same as the logistics and distribution fee, the size is different, the month is different, and the fee is charged by cubic feet.

January to September:

1. Standard size: $0.64 per cubic foot
2. Extra Large: $0.43 per cubic foot

October to December:

1. Standard size: $2.35 per cubic foot
2. Extra Large: $1.15 per cubic foot

Amazon FBA fees for long-term storage :

Amazon FBA will take inventory on February 15th and August 15th every year to check the products placed in the warehouse.

The charges are as follows:
1.6-12 months of product costs $11.25 per cubic foot.
2. $22.50 per cubic foot for products older than 12 months.

Amazon FBA fees

Amazon FBA fees for order deletion

For products that do not sell, sellers naturally choose to withdraw. Amazon FBA charges for these products on a per-product basis. There are three processing methods: refund, abandonment and liquidation. The cost is different:

Standard size:
1. Refund: $0.50.
2. Give up: $0.15
3. Liquidation: 10% of the liquidation revenue.
1. Refund: $0.60.
2. Disposal: $0.30.
3. Liquidation: 10% of the liquidation revenue.

Amazon FBA fees for Return

This fee applies to items sold on Amazon that fall into selected categories where we offer free buyer returns, essentially returning to an Amazon operations center. The return fee is equal to the total freight for a given product.

Amazon FBA fees

Amazon FBA fees for unplanned pretreatment service

For products shipped to Amazon warehouses that have not been properly preprocessed or labeled, an unplanned preprocessing service may be required at Amazon Operations Centers. Currently, Amazon FBA charges for the following unplanned pre-processing services:

Pretreatment cost

These are the costs that Amazon’s FBA will involve, and amazon’s relevant policies will fine-tune the cost in real time. Specific adjustment details will also be released by Amazon through the official platform. What we usually pay attention to is how to calculate the cost of Amazon FBA.

Of course, the seller can also use the FBA calculator to help him calculate the cost of FBA, saving time and effort. There are many benefits to using an Amazon FBA. Of course, sellers still need to feel their own reality to decide whether to choose.

Freight aspects are inevitable, and it has a certain standard charge. You can understand the specific standard is what kind of, after all, opened a shop on freight Settings are also every business need to do.

Amazon FBA fees for shipping:

1. Amazon FBA fees for air freight
The air line is generally calculated according to the actual weight and volumetric weight of the product, which is cheaper than international express. If it is the actual weight, the cost is usually calculated in kilograms; there are two formulas for calculating the volume freight:

Weight (kg) = cargo volume (cubic meters) / 0.006

Weight (kg) = length (cm) width (cm) height (cm) / 6000

Amazon FBA fees

2. Amazon FBA fees for sea freight
Amazon fba sea freight from China is the cheapest way ,and the cost is generally charged by the higher party according to the actual weight or volume. Fees vary from flight to flight. Subject to the actual cost:

Ocean freight = freight rate × freight ton = basic freight rate × (1 + the sum of surcharges) × freight volume.

3.Amazon FBA fees for express
International express is generally calculated at 0.5kg, the first weight plus the continuous weight; if it is a product over 21kg, regardless of the first weight and the continued weight, it will be charged at 1kg.

General billing formula: freight = first weight + (total weight kg × 2-1 first weight) × continuous weight.

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