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Amazon FBA delivery,the full name of Amazon FBA is Fulfillment by Amazon.
It is the general term for Amazon’s dropshipping service: it includes one-stop services such as product storage, picking, packaging, delivery, collection, customer service, and return and exchange processing.

How to ship to amazon FBA? Amazon FBA delivery needs to be very careful, carefully and accurately deliver goods according to the time and specifications stipulated by Amazon, so as to enter the warehouse and put on the shelves faster and more smoothly.

Selling on the Amazon platform is of great significance. Reasonable arrangement of delivery time can better save costs and protect important rankings such as product listings.

Amazon FBA delivery

The following are some of the more common Amazon FBA delivery details:

1.The main Amazon FBA delivery time

Control the time it takes for inventory to be sold in the Amazon store cycle. This time is not only a measure of the store’s product sales health, but also the basis for setting the delivery plan.

It is very necessary for sellers to have a certain understanding of the cycle of product inventory in their store, and to set a shipping plan according to demand. For the management of storage capacity, the relationship between inventory and the changes between sales, it can make a good Amazon FBA delivery plan.

And follow up the risk to control the early warning delivery plan slightly ahead, but not too much ahead of time to increase the risk of inventory and slow sales. Or store in a third-party overseas warehouse to generate more storage costs and increase operating costs.

It is also necessary to reserve a certain amount of fault-tolerant time before large-scale holidays and promotions to avoid the peak congestion period of FBA shipments. Avoid store sales inventory warnings, resulting in missed promotions.

2. Pay attention to timely replenishment for FBA shipments

After the Amazon FBA delivery, it is not that Amazon does not need to worry about it after entering the warehouse. There will be a time difference from entering the warehouse to putting it on the shelf.

Even if you get the warehousing POD in your hand, your store will still not be able to see the inventory quantity of your product sales if it is not on the shelves.
This time is fast and slow to follow up with each Amazon FBA warehouse, and it is different at different times.

Amazon FBA delivery

There are many reasons for not listing, and there are also many reasons for slow listing, and many of them are human reasons or Amazon’s own reasons… The seller avoids the phenomenon of out of stock and affects the store.

So back to the very important point of controlling the quantity of FBA shipments.

When calculating the replenishment quantity, the seller can calculate according to the replenishment quantity formula, replenishment quantity = expected product sales days * average daily sales quantity *2. (Adjustment will be made later according to the sales situation)

3. Keep an eye on the inventory situation of Amazon FBA

Although Amazon will bring you a lot of convenience for cross-border business, you still have to keep an eye on the inventory status after Amazon FBA delivery to the warehouse.

It is very necessary to know the inventory status of each product SKU at any time. Only by doing a good job in inventory management can we manage the smooth development of replenishment, returns, and delivery plans.

Self-delivery mode FBM

In addition to Amazon’s delivery mode, there is also the self-delivery mode FBM, and the fulfillment by merchant seller delivers the goods themselves. Drop shipping from overseas warehouses can also be regarded as self-delivery.


Amazon FBA delivery

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