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Amazon FBA – You list products for sale, then ship them to Amazon warehouses, where Amazon stores them for you. When you make a sale, Amazon packages the order and ships it directly to the customer.

Amazon FBA costs

Fulfillment costs

This fee is related to the biggest benefit of selling through Amazon FBA – product fulfillment. For small operators, packaging and shipping can take time away from sourcing or marketing products.

Storage fee

To meet demand for the products it sells, Amazon maintains large warehouses in the countries it serves. Some of Amazon’s costs in rent, staffing, and warehouse maintenance are passed on to FBA sellers through storage fees.

Amazon FBA costs

Refund fee


As we all know, the profit of doing Amazon cross-border is relatively high, but the Amazon FBA costs are not low. Only by controlling the cost of each link can we get high profits.
But when it comes to the raw material cost of a product, we must not cut corners at will.

We must ensure the quality of the product. Once there are serious quality problems, there will be a risk of being blacklisted by the Amazon platform. Therefore, we try to save Amazon FBA costs reasonably in other aspects.

How to save Amazon FBA costs?

When selecting products, add logistics costs to the budget

Many sellers often make mistakes in the product selection process, that is, they do not take logistics costs into account, resulting in a serious overrun of the entire budget. The weight and volume of products affect logistics costs, while market demand and market pricing affect the profits of the entire commercial activity.

Reasonable distribution

If it is a small shipment, the delivery settlement standard of the local truck in the United States is not settled by cubic or kilogram, nor is it settled by pallet. The US FBA transportation method is mainly based on the two indicators of which area the total cubic number falls in and the height of the pallet.

Amazon FBA costs

Reduce the weight and volume of the package

When sending heavy goods, find ways to reduce the weight of heavy goods, reduce unnecessary packaging, and use low-weight shatterproof packaging. When foaming the goods, reduce the volume of the goods, make reasonable use of the packaging space, and make the corners smooth.

Staggered delivery season

Sea freight and air freight to USA tend to increase freight rates during peak seasons, while logistics tends to lower prices during off-seasons in order to attract customers. Therefore, Amazon sellers must prepare the goods half a month before the peak season and send the goods to the FBA warehouse.This can save a lot of Amazon FBA costs.

Choose an Amazon FBA freight forwarding company with favorable prices

Freight forwarding logistics is a crucial step in the entire transaction process. Although you can’t save too much money at this link, you can’t spend too much money on Amazon FBA costs.

The cheaper the price of the Amazon FBA freight forwarding company does not mean the better, but the more expensive it is, the better. But the definition of the freight forwarder with price advantage we are talking about is: mastering different logistics resources, developing different logistics channels, and combining logistics packages with high safety and favorable prices.

Amazon FBA costs

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