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Amazon FBA China import to warehouse

Even experienced Amazon sellers are at a loss for all kinds of logistics and transportation methods and relevant regulations.

Amazon FBA China import is more important for FBA destination country warehouse import because the import side has to deal with the transportation, customs clearance, delivery, and other processes.

No matter how difficult it may seem, this is a fundamentally necessary process. Amazon FBA Imports from China. Every FBA operator has the same goal: to select their hot products, deliver them to the FBA warehouse intact, and use low-cost logistics transportation solutions as much as possible

Amazon FBA China import is use the following criteria to evaluate the advantages and disadvantages of various modes of transportation

Time: how long do you want the goods to be delivered to the FAB warehouse

Cost: The percentage of transportation costs you want

Safety and Management

Energy expenditure (time spent in logistics)

china to amazon fba
china to amazon fba

Amazon FBA China import   by air from the factory to the Amazon FBA warehouse

Air freight is the fastest way to put your products on the Amazon platform, but the transportation cost of air freight is much higher than that of sea freight. In addition, Amazon FBA imports from China and sends all the goods to the Amazon warehouse as an extra delivery fee (usually $0.5 per order).

There is still some risk of damage to goods by air, even if the packaging inspection is carried out at the beginning of the shipment. Anyway, to save time, money, and effort, you don’t have to do the inspection and labeling yourself. Delivery logistics can track the whole process

Amazon FBA China import , airfreight to door

Usually, the first amazon merchant will choose this way of air freight to door service, also known as the international express delivery, or cross-border delivery, this way of freight is Not only safe and convenient This airway also provides the sellers autonomous management control permissions, better control the quality of the goods, quantity, and packaging for the amazon sales requirements better management and control of goods warehouse, As well as measurement labeling, according to sales demand delivery and delivery of this air transport method is also Chen as air, cross-border express delivery, generation of delivery.

shipping from China to US
shipping from China to US

Amazon FBA China import and delivered to FBA sorting center by air

How can the goods be delivered globally and marked by Amazon standards? Air transportation to Amazon sorting center is one way, which is a timely transportation solution. The main disadvantage of using a prep center is the cost factor. Amazon now benefits from a good reputation and charges for many of its services based on demand

Shipping from China to USA to Amazon FBA warehouse

Shipping from China to Amazon is the lowest transportation cost plan, although the time may be longer, but the most cost-effective transportation method.

Amazon FBA China import, which mode of transportation will you adopt? FCL or LCL

LCL; Less than a container load is a very cheap way of transportation, sharing the container space with other shippers. If the goods are less than one container of goods, this way is a very few choices

Choose the advantages of shipping

Low-cost freight method

Less energy involved in logistics

The cost control

Amazon FBA China Import
Amazon FBA China Import

Amazon FBA China import choose suitable for their products FBA warehouse and advantages

For example, if your sales market is based on the American market, it takes about 16 days for Amazon fBA to be imported from China to be shipped to the FBA warehouse in California, while it takes about 30-40 days to be shipped to the FBA warehouse in New York.

Shipping by sea is relatively cheap, and additional delivery costs are usually compensated for by freight forwarders’ service and quality in controlling freight rates. Distribution centers are a good way to ensure decent quality control. Amazon FBA China imports, you can ask the freight forwarder to provide you with pictures to ensure the correct handling of the goods.

The Amazon warehouse will check whether the item is intact and decide to sign for it.

Please note that any damaged items will not be accepted by Amazon and returned to their origin

Amazon warehouse can manage the whole process and make it easy for you. Choosing this solution is choosing rest assured!

Amazon FBA China import, suppliers with Amazon sales notes

Amazon FBA China imports, before shipping to the FBA warehouse, make sure you do not forget all the necessary preparation lists. In this case, you can use the following two methods respectively for amazon sales and supplier checklists

Amazon sales considerations

With the supplier’s trade terms, sales unit price, purchase quantity

Check order quantity, finished product quantity, and packing list

Ensure the weight and size of the package, total quantity, total size, and volume

What kind of freight will you use

Calculate the freight costs for different shipments

Whether storage is required, storage cost accounting

The plan production cycle, production time and draw up a contract

Production inspection, quality inspection, packaging inspection, etc

Shipping from China to USA
Shipping from China to USA

Amazon FBA China import, Notes for factory suppliers

The maximum side length of the package size should not exceed 63 cm

The weight of the package cannot exceed 16kg

The quantity of carton packing should not exceed 150 units

The shipping mark of Amazon must be properly pasted around the outer package with black characters and white background according to the package number

Make sure the plastic bag has a choking warning

Make sure labels are spelled correctly

Please provide the company with an accurate production completion date. Late completion may result in some penalties. The packing list and any commercial invoice must be provided to the company as soon as possible.

How to save money? Involve fewer departments — let our warehouse handle it completely

The first task is to download the FBA warehousing code, which can be fully handled by our company. Our company charges a nominal small service charge.

Amazon suggests using self-adhesive labels, but they can be printed on the carton as long as there is a white background. In this way, you don’t have to pay for your label.

Air Freight cost China to USA
Air Freight cost China to USA

About the items in the kit? How to customize the packaging?

Your supplier may ship your goods to another supplier for assembly if you are not satisfied with the supplier’s packaging

Deliver all supplier’s goods to our warehouse for assembly and packing service

Direct mail from China to the Amazon warehouse

We handle carton labels

We will shrink the packaging and handle the labels on the pallets

We take care of all the preparations and other tasks

The goods will be shipped directly to FBA, once amazon’s partner carriers deliver the goods to the warehouse distribution center

You choose the most time-efficient mode of transportation possible.

Try to transport as few people as possible and schedule shipments as early as possible to reduce the risk of delay and trouble.

Create a complete set of systems and processes to train logistics managers to manage transportation. Once these processes are practiced, your supply chain will be optimized, ultimately saving time, money, and cost pressure.

matson maritime transport xiongda
matson maritime transport xiongda

Amazon FBA import from China, pay attention to the replenishment time

Amazon FBA China imports, replenishment is a very important link for Amazon sellers, it is very “fatal” to appear out of stock on Amazon, the product out of stock will make their products lose their competitive position, the listing will also be off the shelves because of out of stock, there is a situation of reduction of rights, so timely replenishment is very important. How do judge when their products need replenishment?

In general, the first open a shop on Amazon, you will not send their products in mass to the amazon fba warehouse, more sellers will choose fba and consignment together, but when the first batch of products is on sale, sellers can focus on the sales of your products and help determine when need replenishment, Of course, sellers can also refer to the sales situation of their competitors, and estimate what kind of sales their products will bring if they are promoted in the ranking, to estimate the replenishment time.

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