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Amazon center on Amazon FBA box size limit are more strict, sellers can refer to the above matters when shipping, to prevent the goods due to size, weight, packaging and other issues were rejected into the warehouse.

Amazon FBA box size limit

  1. Unless the size of the single transported goods itself exceeds 63.5cm, the size of any side of the carton cannot exceed 63.5cm.
  2. Space utilization can be maximized as much as possible by multiple cartons (the goods are not damaged).
  3. Cartons weighing more than 30 kilograms must be placed on individual pallets, which need to be posted around the carton 9.
  4. Individually sold carton goods (e.g. furniture) weighing more than 30 kg usually require palletizing. Warning labels must be posted in the correct location around the carton.


Amazon FBA box size limit

Amazon FBA box size limit


U.S. Amazon FBA box size limit

  • It is required that the length of a single box does not exceed 25.00 inches (i.e. less than 63.50 cm) on either side.
  • Unless the length of a single item contained in the box is greater than 25.00 inches, the box may exceed 25.00 inches.
  • If the length of a single item is less than 25.00 inches, whether intentionally or unintentionally, sending an oversized carton to an Amazon FBA warehouse may result in Amazon prohibiting you from shipping to an FBA operations center in the future.
  • Size conversion reference (keep two decimal places):

1.00 inches (in) = 2.54 centimeters (cm)
25.00 inches (in) = 63.50 centimeters (cm)

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Amazon FBA box size limit

Amazon FBA box size limit


  • Each box has only one shipment number and weighs between 15kg and 30kg, and is labeled with the “Heavy Duty Parcel” logo, which is usually affixed to the side and top of the package.
  • Individual boxes cannot exceed the standard weight limit of 50lb, unless the weight of each individual item inside exceeds 50lb;
  •  Overweight items exceeding 50 lbs. individually require a “Team Lift” label on the top and sides of the package;
  • For single overweight items over 100lbs, a distinctive “Mech Lift” label is required on the top and sides of the package;
  • A single box containing jewelry and watches cannot exceed 40 pounds.

Amazon outer box requirements

  1.  FBA requires that the outer box must follow the national standards, in order to distinguish between the goods of the international style, the color in accordance with the “National Marker Sticker 9.18 (CS4) transcription (1)” document implementation. 
  2.  The size of the UK FBA national standards for the side length of 4cm square, the national standards must be posted in the upper right corner on each box.


Amazon FBA box size limit

Amazon FBA box size limit



  1. In order to avoid unnecessary costs, sellers must pay attention to the Amazon FBA on packaging requirements.
  2. The goods must be packed in a proper way to ensure that the transportation process will not be damaged.
  3. If there is a problem, you can also consider using FBA Specialized Shipping Agents to help sellers deal with related issues.

Selling on Amazon and finding a reliable Amazon FBA freight forwarder USA is a big step towards success.

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