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Launching your Brand Registry with Amazon needs to start with trademark registration. Amazon brand registry requirements need to be followed.To register a trademark, you first need to file an application with the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO).

The benefits of registering a brand with Amazon

1. Enhance the interests of brand protection;
2. Obtain special brand building and marketing advantages;
3. Use the Amazon Brand Registry Center to improve brand protection rights.

Amazon brand registry requirements

1. It can be a trademark applied by a natural person or a legal person

2. The trademark must not be similar or identical to other brand trademarks, and must be easy to identify and have distinctive features

3. The registered trademark must be a “standard font” trademark containing only plain text without any design, graphics or Chinese

4. The registered trademark must be consistent with the trademark text or graphics of the products sold

5. Except for the cases where the law stipulates that the trademark shall not be registered.

Amazon brand registry requirements

Amazon brand registry requirements

Amazon trademark registration materials

1. If a legal person applies, a copy of the business license with the company’s official seal is required; if a natural person applies, a copy of the personal ID card is required.

2. The applicant’s Chinese and English name, nationality, address, contact information and other detailed information.

3. A clear electronic version of the trademark pattern and LOGO must be in jpg format. Be sure to specify the color to be used in the future according to the actual color of the trademark.

4. Instructions on the use of the trademark, such as which services and products the trademark will be used in, and the actual use of the trademark in the enterprise.

5. A “Power of Attorney for Registering a US Trademark” fills in a word mark and a category of goods or services.

6. Goods or services.

Amazon Brand Registry Fees

1. Trademark search fee

Before registering a trademark, you need to conduct a trademark search to ensure that your trademark does not infringe other companies’ trademark rights. The cost of a trademark search generally ranges between $200-$500.

Amazon brand registry requirements

Amazon brand registry requirements

2. Trademark registration fee

You will need to register your trademark with the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO), which costs $225 for each trademark class. Additionally, if you choose to use an attorney or registered agent to handle the registration process, they may charge you additional fees.Amazon brand registry requirements

Basics of International Registration of U.S. Trademarks

(1) Submit the application on the basis of actual use

Attaching the trademark to the goods and selling them in the market of more than two states in the United States (if it is traded between China and the United States, as long as it is sold in one state of the United States), it is considered “already used” and can be A basis for filing a federal registration with the USPTO.

(2) Submit an application on an Intend-to-Use basis

Intended use means that although the mark has not been used in the United States at the time of filing the application, the applicant bona fide (Bona Fide) plans to use the mark in the United States soon.

For a trademark application filed on the basis of intention to use, after the trademark has passed the examination, within three years from the date of issuance of the approval notice, a statement of the use of the trademark in the United States must be submitted. Otherwise, the trademark application will be withdrawn.

Amazon brand registry requirements

Amazon brand registry requirements

Time required for US trademark registration

(1) The official acceptance receipt time is 3 weeks.

(2) Based on the use in the United States, the registration certificate can be obtained within 12-14 months.

(3) On other basis, the registration certificate can be obtained within 15-18 months.

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Amazon brand registry requirements

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