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Amazon best sellers trend

Consumer electronics category

Selling goods live online has become a popular phenomenon.

Sales of electronic products and wireless devices related to self media and live streaming continue to grow. At the same time, social media platforms have a huge impact on consumers’ shopping habits, and the recommendations of online celebrity anchors have an increasing influence on consumers’ single product selection.

The home has become the main consumption scene for living, working and studying.

Consumers have started to pursue personalization, intelligence and multi-functionality of products

The rapid development of technology has boosted the development of product diversity and category refinement, and the personalization, intelligence and multi-functionality of products have become the focus of consumers’ attention. Smart products make people’s lives more convenient and enhance the potential of online shopping experience, including voice search, AI/AR/VR technology use, shopping chat robots;

The current popular global smart product categories are:control connectivity, smart lighting, smart security, home entertainment energy management, and smart devices. Control-connected products have a high penetration rate in the U.S. and a huge future. Smart light bulbs and smart speaker combination is the smart home entry product for most consumers.
Maybe the smart home will replace the traditional home; Amazon best sellers

U.S. households spend the highest average amount of money on smart homes in the world, with the highest investment in smart devices at $665 per household per year. It is expected that by 2025, the scale of smart home will exceed $45 billion.

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Amazon best sellers

Amazon best sellers

Home living goods category

Under the influence of four major trends, the consumer habits and needs of U.S. consumers are also changing, including the frenzied live banding, the doubled emphasis on physical and mental health, sustainable and green consumption, and the demand for personalized, intelligent and multifunctional products

Increased demand for products such as furniture and home décor, including backdrops, tables and chairs, and decorations for the home;
Increased emphasis on safe socializing, with increased demand for patio party decorations and other patio supplies, etc. Consumers keen on customization and personalization are starting to DIY, such as painting their own walls for a change of mood. Amazon best sellers

Since the new crown virus, year after year consumers pay more attention to their own and their family’s physical and mental health, sports and fitness demand has increased, hot selling products such as yoga clothing, cycling pants, sports underwear, etc.

For health as well as environmental needs, more and more consumers choose electric bicycles as a means of travel. The demand for camping products, including tents, camping tables and chairs, and sleeping bags, is becoming more and more obvious.

With the intensification of global warming, U.S. consumers attach great importance to environmental protection, and prefer environmentally friendly products and fans in the choice of cooling equipment.

At the same time, consumers also began to practice green home and environmental protection travel. Amazon best sellers

Netflix live-streaming stimulates the consumption of pet categories, increasing demand for dog and cat supplies, and feeding products are hot, such as pet feeders with cameras and infrared play functions.


Amazon best sellers

Amazon best sellers

Toys category

Bureau of statistics, 2021 -2022, global e-commerce sales of toys, DIY category to become the second most popular retail category, the size of 59 billion U.S. dollars;

Baby and gift toys are in long-term demand. In addition to the value, fun, interactive baby toys China is already the world’s largest toy producer and exporter, with 88% of imported toys in the U.S. market coming from China.

Beauty and health care categories

Beauty and personal care is a hot topic on social media, and the topic about hairdressing is particularly bright. In order to look better live on camera, the attention of topics such as skin care, eyelashes and nail care is also on the rise.
Short video and other media anchor recommendations are easy to influence consumer conversion, hot products such as: makeup (eye shadow, eyeliner), skin care (beauty neck cream).
Hot products such as: eye massage stick, neck massage stick, SPA massage bed, etc. Amazon best sellers


Amazon best sellers

Amazon best sellers


Fashion category

Consumers pay high attention to whether product manufacturers and brands have an environmental philosophy and are more concerned about whether recyclable materials are used.Garments made of recycled and recyclable materials are welcomed by consumers, such as: women’s underwear, home wear, etc.

Consumers have stricter product quality requirements for children’s clothing, mother and child categories, and higher demand for environmentally friendly materials, so brands with environmental protection concepts will be preferred.With the popularity of environmental protection travel, cycling pants are becoming popular.

The rapid development of technology has boosted product personalization, and consumers have an easier shopping experience and higher brand loyalty. For example, customized blankets and jewelry with names are becoming popular, and the demand for personalization of straws, cups and toothbrush holders has increased.


Amazon best sellers

Amazon best sellers


Commercial adoption categories

Distance learning and working affected sales of office supplies in 2020. 2022 saw the easing of the epidemic boost sales in this category, with stationery and office paper beginning to regain momentum. Continued growth is also seen in storage products (hard drives, tapes, etc.), as well as arts and crafts products. Amazon best sellers

For more information, please refer to: Amazon seller central.

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