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On the Amazon platform, there must be some sellers who have encountered the situation that Amazon account locked . Faced with this situation, many sellers are helpless. So today I will introduce the solution to this situation for you.

Reasons for Amazon account locked

Invalid or missing product information

Before uploading a product there are some essential product descriptions such as GTIN (Global Trade Item Number), like UPC (Universal Product Code) for clothing or ISBN for books etc.

If you directly copy other people’s product information in batches when uploading product information to save trouble, it is very likely that the account will be deemed “associated” by the platform due to suspicious accounts and will be suspended.


Amazon account locked

Amazon account locked


Account association or missing information

Amazon stipulates that any account information with seller permissions should be completely unique. If you use the same legal person ID card, business license, credit card and other information to register multiple accounts, it is easy to be judged as account association by the platform.

If someone can list evidence that your product infringes other people’s intellectual property rights, even if you do not intend to, your account or the product may be removed from the shelves due to Amazon account locked.

Moreover, if you are selling specially limited items such as medicines, food, jewelry and watches, you also need to submit an application to the platform in advance or show a product certification certificate.

Manipulating Comments

For a long time, cross-border e-commerce platforms such as Amazon and eBay have been suppressing false positive reviews. The Amazon account locked.

Create an identical account immediately after the account is banned

Some sellers will immediately re-register an account with the same set of information after their account is banned or shut down. In fact, it is completely useless to do so. Because if the same set of information is used, the early warning system of the platform will immediately pay attention to this account, and at the same time, it will also limit the traffic and weight of this account.


Amazon account locked

Amazon account locked


How to Unban Amazon

Find the real reason for the account freezing

Usually, Amazon will not tell you which product blocked your account in the email, it will only remind you something related. The real reason still needs to be found by yourself. But it will guide you in the email that you can appeal to restore your store’s right to sell.

Complaint letter

The way it leads you to reinstate your right to sell is for you to write a letter of appeal. When writing a complaint letter, you must correct your attitude and admit your mistakes and shortcomings.


After this lesson, you can write a detailed plan, the purpose is to prevent similar situations and problems from happening in the future, and the purpose is to effectively improve the development of the store.


If you can analyze the reason why the account was blocked in the email, then you need to provide some details and accurate data for Amazon to refer to.

Development plan

In the appeal letter, you should also write down your strong expectation for the unblocking of the account, and also write down the future development plan of the store.


Amazon account locked

Amazon account locked



After writing, you can write the content you prepared in the email that notifies you, and you can submit it. Or you can use the email address you used when registering to send a complaint to Amazon’s official website. It is recommended to use the first method.

Pay attention to email and other replies

After sending the email, you just wait for a reply, usually within two days. Under normal circumstances, after receiving the email, if the problem is not serious, the seller’s sales authority will be restored immediately. If it is serious, it will also clearly reply that you refuse to restore the account.

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