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Amazon 360 images refers to a series of 3D images that allow consumers to view products from multiple perspectives.
Amazon 360 images enables customers to interact with products in a more direct way, thus helping to bridge the gap between the physical and digital worlds by rotating products and understanding them from different perspectives.

As of right now, Amazon is only opening up the ability to upload 360° images autonomously to VC accounts.

The Amazon 360 images implementation sites are:

North America, Europe, Japan

Amazon 360 images Support the following 14 categories:

Furniture, Home, Home Decor, Kitchenware, Lawn & Garden, Lamps, Photo, Sporting Goods, Toys, Hobby, Automotive, Pet Supplies, Major Appliances, Industrial & Scientific Supplies.

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Amazon 360 images

Amazon 360 images


Amazon 360 images detailed steps

Part 1 —— Shooting Requirements

72 photos, each photo to be rotated 5° , consistent height of all photos

  1. Prepare the ASIN shot, usually removing the product packaging (please do not include props with the product);
  2. Place the product in the center of a carousel that can be rotated in 5° increments;
  3.  Using a seamless background paper, surround the product from below the carousel;
  4. Place the camera on a tripod at an appropriate distance from the product;
  5.  Select an appropriate height for displaying the product, keeping it in the 10-30° range;
  6. Set the camera to manual mode so that the focus and exposure settings are consistent for all 72 photos;
  7. The first photo should show the product at an angle of 0° (facing the camera straight on);
  8. Rotate each photo counterclockwise as it is taken.


Amazon 360 images

Amazon 360 images


Part 2 —— Artwork Requirements

Remove all background details and apply color/hue/saturation balance evenly across all 72 photos

  1. Remove background details from 72 images;
  2. If applying color balance or any other filters, make sure to apply the same adjustments evenly across all 72 images;
  3. Crop the images to a square, making sure that the center of rotation is the center of each image;
  4. Maximum image size 2500px, minimum 1500px;

 Save in png format.

Part 3—— file naming

To make sure the photo files are in the right order

  1. Individual .png files must follow the following format: ASIN _360_0000_web.png
  2. The sequence should match the counterclockwise rotation of the image.


Amazon 360 images


Part 4 —— Sending to Amazon

way to send to Amazon, prepare the .zip file and send the link to the file to be available for downloading

(1) Organize the files as follows.

B01N32NCPM (.zip archive)

>B01N32NCPM_360 (folder)


(2) Package the files into a .zip file, preserving the directory structure, naming the .zip file using the ASIN (e.g.

(3) Publish the files to an Internet-accessible web drive location that supports HTTP and does not support FTP. the S3 offering of Amazon Web Services is a valid option for storing and sharing large files.

Part 5 —— Send a notification to your Amazon representative

(vendor or Merchandising Manager) that includes a link to a .zip package for download!

When setting up Amazon ‘360° view’ images, keep the following in mind:

  • The photos need to be taken in high quality to ensure that they are clear;
  • The size and resolution of the uploaded pictures need to meet Amazon’s requirements, otherwise they may not be displayed properly;
  • The color of the photos should be as consistent as possible with the actual product to avoid misleading consumers;
  • Ensure that the 360-degreeview pictures are displayed well and consumers can view them conveniently.

If you want to know more about it, click on Amazon Seller Center.

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