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Purchasing from Alibaba and re-selling is a very economical method. For U.S. consumers, Alibaba shipping costs to USA is an important issue.

The article will analyze the cost, time and method of shipping from Alibaba to the US in detail to help consumers better understand the cost and process of shopping.

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How to Import From Alibaba

Alibaba shipping costs to USA

Alibaba shipping costs to USA mainly includes shipping fees, duties and taxes.

Shipping fees depend on the weight of the item and the distance to the destination, usually around $1-7 USD/kg.



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Alibaba shipping costs to USA


Tariffs, on the other hand, depend on the value of the item and the tax rate of the destination country, with rates ranging from 0-17.5%. It should be noted that some commodities may involve additional fees such as battery fees, fuel surcharges, etc.

Alibaba shipping to the USA time and method

Alibaba shipping to USA process

  • Confirm order: after purchasing items on Alibaba , you need to confirm the order and make payment.
  • Payment: You can choose Alipay or other international payment methods for payment.
  • Logistics and distribution: After the order payment is successful, the seller will send the goods to the freight forwarding company designated by Alibaba .
  • Freight forwarder transportation: the logistics company will deliver the goods to the United States, and is responsible for customs clearance. Customs clearance time varies depending on the country and commodity.

The time for customs clearance varies depending on the country and the commodity, usually around 5-45 days.

How to Import from Alibaba

Alibaba shipping costs to USA


  • Sea transportation from China to the United States: 15-35 days.
  • Air Freight from China to USA: 6-10 days
  • Express shipping from China to USA: 5-7 days

Delivery to the U.S.: After the goods are cleared, the logistics company will deliver the goods to the address specified by the U.S. buyer.

Alibaba shipping to the United States risk response

In order to ensure smooth customs clearance, you need to issue an invoice and make sure that the name, quantity, value and other information on the invoice is accurate.

If the goods belong to restricted or prohibited imports, they may be seized or destroyed by customs, so you should know the relevant regulations before purchase.

Some goods may involve consumption tax, so you need to know the relevant tax policies before purchase to avoid extra expenses.

In terms of logistics, the delivery time varies among different logistics companies and regions, so you should know and plan the time in advance.

In terms of payment, different payment methods have different handling fees and exchange rates, you should choose the appropriate payment method according to the actual situation to reduce costs.

 Alibaba shipping costs to USA

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