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Air transport plays an important role in the ways of shipping from China to USA. Air shipping is fast, but air freight rates from China to USA is expensive. Shippers can respond to consumer and market demands somewhat faster and more easily. Also, air freight is very important in the supply chain.

Air freight from China to USA is more convenient because it can take the package almost everywhere to some extent.

Air freight rates from China to USA per kilo

Global importers and exporters use air freight when they need to get their goods somewhere quickly and reliably. While 90% of all shipments are by sea, air freight connects the world faster, reducing China-US freight time from 20-30 days by sea to 3 days by air.

air freight rates from China

Elements of inquiry of air freight rates from China to USA

1. Product name (whether it is a dangerous product)

2. Weight (related to charges), volume (dimensions and whether the goods are in stock)

3. Packaging (whether or not wooden boxes, pallets)

4. Destination airport (base point or not)

5. Time required (direct flight or alternate landing)

6. Flight requirements (service and price differences between flights)

7. Type of Bill of Lading (Master Bill of Lading and Sub-Bill of Lading)

8. Required transportation services (customs declaration method, agency documents, customs clearance, delivery)

Air freight rates from China to USA
When it comes to air freight, weight and volume are key factors. Air carriers will charge by dimensional weight (also called dimensional weight) or actual weight, whichever is more expensive.

To calculate the dimensional weight of an air shipment, multiply the item’s volume (in cubic meters) by 167. So let’s say you have a package with the following dimensions: W: 40cm, H: 40cm L: 40. This means that the transaction volume is 0.064 (the product of the parties divided by one million). Multiply this by 167 and you get a volumetric weight of 10.67 kg.

If the dimensional weight exceeds the actual weight of the product, the dimensional weight becomes the billable weight. For light air shipments, you can use this billable weight calculator to

calculate whether your shipment is billed by actual or dimensional weight.

air freight rates from China

Fees of air freight rates from China to USA

Air freight rates from China to USA In addition to air freight charges based on the above costs, the total cost of air freight may include:

Fuel Surcharge

security surcharge

Container Freight Station/Wharf Handling Charges

airport transfer

Additionally, for door-to-door rates, the price will also include air freight services, including:

customs clearance

Pickup and Delivery

Cargo Insurance

Additional fee

air freight rates from China

Factors affecting air freight rates from China to USA

There are several distinctions for air freight. Different distinctions have different international air freight quote from China. For example, express items are slightly more expensive than ordinary items. The volume and weight of the cargo also affects the price, as it affects the type and physique of the aircraft.

Different models also have certain restrictions on the weight of the goods; some goods also need to be packaged. If they are packaged, they need pallets, wooden boxes, etc., which will also affect the international air freight rates from China to USA.

Specific factors can be divided into the following categories:

A. Whether it is a direct flight, the direct flight will be higher than the transfer flight, the direct flight has a higher safety factor and a shorter time period. Therefore, it is unfair to compare the transfer price and the direct flight price.

B. Flight frequency, an airline with only one flight a week is incomparable with an airline with seven flights a week, and the safety factor is also different. If you are particularly anxious about the goods, please consider whether to take the risk of taking such a low frequency flight.

C. Whether it is divided into batches, some countries and some customers clearly require not to be divided into batches, and the volume of goods is still very large, which requires the airline to have sufficient guarantee capacity, and the price will be relatively high.

D. Special requirements for goods, if the goods are cold chain, fresh, aquatic products, wine and other special goods, the freight rates from China to USA is also significantly different, and the price of general cargo booking is different.

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